Getting To and Around Redding

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Redding Municipal (RDD)

Daily commercial airline passenger service is provided by United Express to and from San Francisco and PenAir to Arcata/Portland.

Redding Airport

Sacramento International (SMF)

The Sacramento International Airport is only two hours and 15 minutes from Redding, and it is very easy to drive to Redding from that airport. You only have to get on I-5 North and stay on it until you are in Redding.

Sacramento International

San Francisco International (SFO)

The San Francisco International Airport is 3.5 hours away by car. If you choose to fly there, you will need to secure separate transportation to get from San Francisco to Redding.

San Francisco International

Getting around Redding

The easiest way to travel around Redding is with use of a car.  There are alternatives that will require a little more planning.  These include using the bus, sharing rides with others, or if you live close to school, riding your bicycle.

Sharing Rides

There is an option to share rides with fellow BSSM students who own cars. However, you will need to arrange this with your peers. If you find someone who is willing to regularly give you rides, it is polite to help with the cost of fuel. *Please do not hitchhike in the United States as it is unsafe.


Uber is an inexpensive, on-demand ride share service in Redding and in many cities around the world. The service allows you to hire a private driver to pick you up and take you to your destination through your your phone. *Please note that taxis are not readily available in Redding.


Redding’s bus service is called Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA) You can visit their website for routes, schedules and fees.RABA has routes that come directly to Bethel Church and to the Civic Auditorium. However, be aware that the bus system is limited and may not be an option for you depending on where you live.

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