We equip leaders to build schools of supernatural ministry.


BSSM School Planting equips school leaders who desire to transform lives and communities through schools of supernatural ministry. We believe that as we champion school leaders in pursuit of God’s vision for their schools, the kingdom of God will expand upon the earth!

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“God desires to touch the world through those who love His presence and pursue His purposes.”

Bill Johnson


Equip a company of revivalists! BSSM Equip, the School Planting Network, and other resources are designed to help you take your school to the next level.

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Join us for an event! Through trainings, gatherings, and more, you will receive tools that will strengthen your school culture, leadership, and structure.

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Discover fresh content on our blog on how to develop your school’s culture, leadership, and structure.

Overcoming Obstacles to Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

School Culture

We were born to be loved, and God is Love. Every encounter with His Presence makes us come alive more fully and deepens our experience of who He is. There are many manifestations of the Holy Spirit, both inward and outward. Manifestations are evidence of God’s Presence on people and can be an indicator of…

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Free and Responsible

School Culture

It’s not uncommon for students to experience new levels of freedom in a school of supernatural ministry environment, and it’s not uncommon for some students to take their freedom a little too far. It’s in these moments when school leaders can be tempted to exercise control to ensure the students are not hurting themselves, the…

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