3 Ways to Activate Students Outside the Classroom

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Activating students outside of the classroom is crucial to seeing students transformed and operating in the fullness of what God paid for in their daily lives!  Below you’ll find a handful of activation ideas to support your students in develop a supernatural lifestyle:

1. City Prayer Walks

Activate students in intercession through city prayer walks. Before you and your students go out, have your students ask the Holy Spirit for prayer strategies such as what areas or people to target or prophetic acts to release spiritual breakthrough over the city. Invite experienced intercessors to share testimonies with students and help train them to pray and release from the perspective of the kingdom.

2. Discovering God’s Nature

Activate students in the discovery and adoration of God’s nature. Ask students to choose an aspect of God’s nature and meditate upon it. Have students go to places where they can meet God in nature. Encourage them to journal what they experience and then statements of praise that express God’s nature. Invite students to share breakthroughs they experienced the following week and enter into a time of corporate worship by sharing the statements they wrote with the entire group.

3. Miracle List

Activate students in praying for physical healing through creating a miracle list. Ask students to write down the names of five people they know or know of who need a miracle in their body. Encourage students to take a week to pray over the list and ask the Holy Spirit for insight regarding their physical needs and/or how to pray for a physical need. After taking time to pray for the individuals on their lists, ask students to pursue an opportunity minister to those individuals and record what breakthroughs they experience. Check in with students to find out what physical breakthroughs the individuals on their lists experienced.

What are some ways you’ve activated your students to live a naturally supernatural life? Share your experiences with other school leaders on the SPD Network!

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