Every School Needs the Gift of Administration

School Structure

The gift of administration enables us to take our God-given vision and make it a reality! It is a gift that helps us create and coordinate structures, resources, details and even personnel, that add organization and strength to the Body of Christ. Tap into the gift by having a stellar administrator on your team!

An administrator’s gifting and skills will support your school’s structure and enhance school systems. The organization and efficiency an administrator can create in a school will bring peace to the environment and will bring your school’s vision to life! To better understand the gift of administration as well as how to support an administrator on your team, check out a short, inspiring message from Vicki Richardson. She oversees the financial operations at Bethel Church and encourages administrators to use their God-given gift to advance the kingdom!

[youtube https://youtu.be/6Kl24IsHEfo]

To learn more about the role of an administrator on a school leadership team, you can also refer to The Primary Roles of a School Leadership Team on the SPD Blog Resources page.

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