Being Led by the Spirit

School Culture


To experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your school environment, we encourage you to lean into your connection with Him as you lead your school! In fact, allow His leadership to be your greatest source of direction while you run your school, even above the established structure of your school or plans you create.

Seek Intimacy Above All

Romans 8:14 says, “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God (AMP).” You have been granted full access to abide in connection with God and prosper from His Spirit’s leading. As  you lead your school, invite your leadership team and students into the journey of walking in an intimate relationship with Him. Joyce Meyer says it best,

God is not looking for spiritual robots; He wants sons. He doesn’t want us all just following a bunch of rules for the sake of obedience. In the Old Testament, we read about the Old Covenant, and there were all kinds of rules to follow and sacrifices to make for sin. However, under this covenant, the people’s sins were only ‘covered’ for awhile. In the New Covenant, which Jesus provided through His perfect sacrifice, our sin is completely washed away and removed from us. So we are free to obey God simply because we love Him and we know that everything He tells us to do, or not do, is for our good. It’s no longer about a long list of rules and regulations; but following the Holy Spirit. We just need to learn to follow His lead.

Establishing important pieces of your school’s structure (e.g. class schedule, curriculum goals, lineup of speakers, etc.) instills a sense of order and security amongst your school leaders and students. Moreover, it is crucial to create organization and efficiency in your school environment. However, structure cannot replace the fruit of pursuing and experiencing intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He is the ultimate transformer in your supernatural school. Allow Him to lead you and make room for Him to powerfully move in your leadership team meetings, planning sessions, school’s sessions and more.

Make Room for the Holy Spirit

We encourage you to be willing to throw out the original schedule or plan if the Holy Spirit leads you into a different direction! At BSSM, we plan the purpose and structure of each school day, which often includes worship, sessions with in-house or guest speakers, advanced ministry training, activation, or connection groups. While our leadership team stays on top of our planned schedule to honor speakers’ time and meet our school goals, we remain aware of what Holy Spirit is doing amongst our students that day and honor His leadership above our plans.

There are even days in our school when the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully in the room and we feel led to let the schedule go. As a result, our students experience life-changing moments and receive breakthrough in their connection with Him. We have discovered that the level to which we are willing to follow His leadership is the level to which we can create momentum for personal transformation in our students’ lives.

If your school is utilizing the BSSM Video Curriculum, you have probably designed a strategic, well-thought-out schedule to utilize its content (well done!). Remember, lean into the Holy Spirit each day and allow Him to direct your time with your students. Ask Him if He wants to touch and equip your students through the video curriculum that day or another way. Perhaps He wants you to speak through you. Or perhaps He wants to invite some of your students to preach or share what they are learning. Be led by His Spirit in the moment and trust your connection with Him will create fruitfulness in your school.

Preparation and stewardship are important aspects of your school leadership role. However, don’t become dependent on your structure! Instead, lean into your relationship with the Holy Spirit and allow His voice to lead your school body into daily encounters with the fruit of His kingdom.

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