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At SPD, we are constantly searching for and trying out new, innovative tools and resources that will help school leaders successfully build and lead their schools. One tool we have discovered is The Storyline Productivity Schedule. It has helped our team create a more productive workplace and meet our project goals. We believe it can benefit you as you lead your school! Learn more about this resource from one of our staff members whose work world has been transformed by The Storyline Productivity Schedule.

A Tool to Work Smarter

“Work smarter, not harder.” There are countless times I have read this quote, agreed with it, and then wondered, “How do I actually work smarter, not harder?” In my world, I manage several projects that create what seems to be an endless to-do list. If I don’t discover a plan to execute the list, I can easily hit walls of discouragement or burnout, be tempted to procrastinate, or lose the joy and satisfaction of my work. One way that I have maintained efficiency, a sense of purpose, and passion in my work is by utilizing a tool called The Storyline Productivity Schedule.

This tool has actually helped me take daily steps towards working smarter, not harder! Best-selling author and speaker, Donald Miller, developed The Storyline Productivity Schedule after dealing with years of on and off writer’s block and procrastination. After researching many ways to become a more creative, efficient writer, he realized that completing his writing was not a matter of managing his time. It was a matter of managing his mental energy. As a result, he found a way to structure his day to capitalize on his mental strength.

Maximize Mental Energy with Structure

The Storyline Productivity Schedule provides a structure for you to schedule your day and develop work habits that will maximize your mental energy and increase your levels of efficiency and productivity. Here are some highlights of what the schedule can do for you:
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One of the greatest parts of the schedule is that you are actually writing down your “Life Theme” everyday so that you filter all of your work (as well as life) through your specific purpose. For me personally, I purposefully seek to operate through my life theme of abiding in connection with the true Vine because through connection, I can bear much fruit (John 15:5). As I write this statement onto my Storyline Productivity Schedule and see it throughout my day, I am reminded to remain aware of God’s Presence and allow my work to be the overflow of our connection–that I may truly produce lasting fruit that brings Him glory and honor (John 15:8).

We encourage you to utilize this tool as you develop and lead your school. It will help you remain efficient in your work and on target to fulfill your specific purpose! To download The Storyline Productivity Schedule, click HERE.


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