4 Tools to Streamline Your School’s Administration

School Structure

Technology can increase the level of organization and efficiency within your supernatural school. We encourage you to harness technological tools and systems to serve your school’s administrative needs. In fact, when you use technology to accomplish all the nitty gritty administrative tasks, you can put more of your valuable time and energy towards other areas of your school.

At BSSM, we have created some of our own systems as well as utilized several available programs to standardize school processes. These systems help us complete administrative tasks such as assigning responsibilities amongst our staff team, scheduling rooms for school sessions, receiving school applications and more. One of greatest ways we utilize technology to serve our administration is tracking our student attendance and homework with online systems!

Below is a list of four technological systems we recommend to schools of supernatural ministry. We want to share them with you so that you can streamline your school administration!

1. Populi

Populi is a college management software system that can be used to track student applications, attendance, homework, and finances. One great feature about this system is that students can apply and register for your school online. It also provides automatic billing and a means to receive online payments or donations. Click here to checkout this program.

2. MyAT

MyAT is a free online program that is designed to track student attendance and homework. This program can be used on numerous devices with its app feature. For example, the students at Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry in Tampa, FL are using their iPad minis to check-in when when they arrive to school sessions through MyAT. The school’s director, John Garcia, appreciates this system because it gives his leadership team a live view of their students’ attendance. Click here to checkout this donation funded program.

3. ShelbyArena

ShelbyArena (from ShelbySystems) is a comprehensive church management software program that you can use to manage the administrative structure for a church and school. In fact, if your school is intricately woven into your church’s systems, this program could really help you and your team create efficient systems! It provides the means to manage groups, promotions, mass communications, web content, prayer requests, missions, assignments, contributions and more. The website even provides a free demo video or the option to schedule a personalized demo so that you can discover all that ShelbyArena has to offer. Click here to checkout this program.

4. Turnitin

Turnitin is an online service you can use to collect student homework, check for authenticity (i.e. detect plagiarism), and provide valuable feedback. This program allows students the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from their instructors and peers and measure their progress over the course of a year. Click here to checkout this program.

As leaders, you hold a pivotal role in developing your school’s culture, plans towards your vision, connecting with your leadership team and more. Utilize technology as much as you can so you can focus your time and energy on leading your school! 

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