The Lifeline of Wise Counsel

School Leadership

Have you ever heard the saying, “Independence breeds deception”? Have you ever wondered why this statement is true?

As human beings, we are designed to walk in interdependent relationships built on trust. No man is intended to be an island. Instead, we have been made to live in intimate connection with both God and people. When we live according to our God-given design, in deep relationship with others, we are positioned to receive life-giving counsel.

As school leaders and pioneers of the kingdom, it is crucial that we replicate God’s design for community in our lives because it positions us and those we lead to prosper. When we invite others to speak sound wisdom into our lives, we will continue to grow and thrive as leaders. Therefore, to receive the lifeline of wise counsel in your life, we encourage you to meditate on the following truths and activate them in your life!

True Influence is Rooted in Counsel

When you study the lives of Aristotle, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Billy Graham, you will see a common thread: they all had strong mentors. Each of these powerful leaders understood success to be a team effort. Indeed, none of us will ever become great by ourselves, making it extremely important to gather and sustain a team of wise counsel around us. Wise counsel allows us to walk upon a foundation of safety, so that in our times of weakness, we have friends to help us stand. As Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (NKJV).

A Humble Heart Draws Counsel

Receiving wise counsel begins with a heart of humility that says, “I will trust others more than I trust myself.” When seeking wisdom from trusted friends, humility does not seek to influence, but to actually be influenced. It might be scary at first to truly make yourself vulnerable to people, but it’s important to realize that the benefits of a submitted heart far outweigh the level of risk involved. Think about it: by having three mentors, each with 50 years of life experience, you have access to 150 years of wisdom! Also, it’s important to remember that if we desire to influence others as leaders, we must learn how to walk in humility to receive sound wisdom from others first.

Blind Spots are Avoided Through Counsel

Each one of us has had blind spots in our lives. A blind spot is an area of personal weakness or deception that we have not perceived in ourselves. After all, the nature of deception is that you do not know you are deceived. But how do you prevent the pitfalls that we see so many leaders fall into, especially in ministry? Accountability! By inviting a continual flow of feedback from others, you can continue to grow spiritually and relationally. Constructive feedback reveals areas of weakness that we’re not aware of and gives us access to the strength those areas need. Moreover, drawing wise counsel from others requires intentionality, so don’t wait for someone to come to you about a potential issue. Take the first step to pursue their support!


God greatly desires for you to experience the lifeline of wise counsel. If you are yearning to invite greater levels of accountability and support into your life, we encourage you to:

  • Ask the Holy Spirit which leaders He has assigned to be a source of wisdom in your life.
  • Declare the truth that God desires healthy connections for your life and is working all things for your good.
  • Invite the leaders He highlights to you into your process and welcome their feedback.

As school leaders, it is essential that we live according to the design for which we were created. As a result of partnering with God’s wisdom, we will usher in the culture of the kingdom to the world around us.

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