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Last week, we had the honor of hosting our Semi-Annual School Leaders Gathering. It was a special time of connecting with leaders of supernatural schools from around the world to encourage one another, share testimonies of what God is doing in the nations, and strategize together to continue advancing the kingdom of God. During the gathering, we had the opportunity to hear from two panels of school leaders. They shared some powerful wisdom and keys that we want to pass on to you! We encourage you to read through the recap of the gathering as well as listen to the full recording of the event (see below). May you be blessed as you continue to develop your school!

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) Leaders

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During the first part of the School Leaders Gathering, we had the privilege of hearing from a panel of some of our BSSM senior leaders, Mark Brookes (First Year Overseer), Gabe Valenzuela (Second Year Overseer), and Dann Farrelly (School Dean). These leaders are some of the founders of BSSM and shared some of school’s history and development over the years.

Here is a brief overview of some of the important topics they highlighted during the event:

  • Discipline and confrontation in a grace-filled environment. To build a school upon the true revelation of grace and freedom, we must operate from our identities as children of God. The Father and Mother heart of the Lord should guide our discipline and confrontation with both leaders and students. Seeing others through eyes of love and truth will produce great fruit in their lives!
  • Setting your school’s culture. It’s important to set the grounds for the culture of your school in a way that invites the supernatural and demonstrates honor for leaders and students. More specifically, it’s important to establish ground rules for manifestations of the Spirit in a way that will not quench what He is doing in the room, but will also serve the purposes of the day.
  • Models for pastoring your students.  While developing a pastoral structure for your school, it’s crucial to create a model that will bring out the strengths of your pastoral leaders and serve the needs of your students. At BSSM, we have developed and refined our pastoral structure as our school has grown over the years.
  • Developing leadership oversight. It is crucial that each school leader demonstrates a desire to first serve their senior leader’s vision. Moreover, they should lead with a strong sense of loyalty to the hearts of their senior leaders and a passion to see their vision fulfilled.

Mexico School of Supernatural Ministry (MXSSM) Leaders

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After hearing from our BSSM leaders, we heard from another panel comprised of leaders from the Mexico School of Supernatural Ministry, Jazmin Garza (School Director), Clara and Jorge Izaguirre (Senior Leadership), and Sam Niembro (Pastoral Leader). This team started their school last year and has already seen incredible fruit in their students’ lives and city!

Below are some of the topics they touched on during the event:

  • Inviting students to your school. While it is great to invite men and women to your school from other local churches, it is important to pursue the endorsement of their senior leaders and honor their desires for their flock. The MXSSM team took this step to build trust and relationship with other churches in their city by only accepting students endorsed by their church. They reminded us that unity and advancing the kingdom is the goal, not increasing your school’s numbers.
  • Testimonies of transformed lives are the best form of advertising. Students who experience transformation become the best advertisement for your school. As students have experienced great transformation through MXSSM, others are already showing interest in joining the school! Trust that testimonies of personal and corporate transformation will spread the word about your school.
  • Relying on Holy Spirit. The MXSSM team uses the BSSM Video Curriculum, but had to take time to prepare a curriculum schedule for the students with the guidance of Holy Spirit. They’re seeing Holy Spirit powerfully move in their lives as they use the curriculum as a tool under His leadership and direction.

Listen to the Audio Recording

To listen to the full audio recording of the School Leaders Gathering, click below. Note: the recording has a few short periods of no sound while audience members ask the panel member questions.


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