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In a recent School Leaders Revival Chat, we sat down with BSSM’s 2nd Year Overseer, Gabe Valenzuela, and a 2nd Year Revival Group Pastor, Hayley Braun. Today, we want to highlight a few nuggets of wisdom we drew from what Gabe and Hayley shared on how develop leaders within your team, how to cultivate a sense of community within your school, and what pastoring students into freedom looks like. As you read this post, we pray that you would be empowered to powerfully love and serve your school community!

Developing Powerful Leaders

Bill Johnson once said that, “My goal is not to build a big church; it is to build big people.” What a powerful statement! As school leaders, it should be our goal and passion to build “big people” not only within our student body, but also within our leadership team. During this School Leaders Revival Chat, Gabe shared how he employs leaders that he carries a vision for. When Gabe can see where they need to be developed, he can help them unlock their leadership potential.

Additionally, Gabe is passionate about developing leaders on his team because he is passionate about fueling revival. Gabe knows that his leaders will be at BSSM only for a season because they will eventually outgrow their roles and be called to something new. Therefore, he is doing his job right when he sees the leaders he has invested in outgrow their environment. As a spiritual father, Gabe wants his leaders to step into their fullest potential in his school and then move on to spark revival fires elsewhere. With this mission, Gabe is helping fuel revival around the world!

As you lead your team, we encourage you to ask yourself, “How do I want each of my leaders to grow? Where do I want to see them 1-3 years from now?” Also, seek to unlock their greatest potential by creating opportunities that will showcase their strengths, gifts, and callings! Remember, when your leaders step into greatness, your students will greatly benefit!

Creating a Culture of Family

Creating a sense of family in your school starts within your team! Gabe shared how he fosters community within 2nd Year by first cultivating it within his team. To foster strong connection, he chooses individuals to be a part of the team with whom he can share a close relationship. He doesn’t necessarily have to have this type of connection with the leader when he or she is first hired, but he makes sure to get a sense whether or not he can build with this person for the long haul through interviews. Gabe also chooses people on his team that know how to cultivate community so that it is reproduced amongst our students.

Hayley then shared that community is developed when you create space for people to be vulnerable and known. This means you have to be intentional to provide opportunities for people to share their hearts fully, including the good and the bad (e.g. their hopes, dreams, weaknesses, shame, fears, etc.). Both your leaders and students will experience a true sense of family when you are able to celebrate their greatness, but also add strength to their weaknesses!

To create a culture of family within your school, remember that you must first demonstrate it.

When both your leaders and students see you valuing community and living a lifestyle of transparency, they will develop trust in your leadership and follow you into greater levels of connection. As Gabe said, “You have to model what you want to reproduce.”

Pastoring Students into Freedom

Hayley shared a powerful word as she told us about her experience pastoring students. As a Revival Group Pastor, Hayley has developed the mindset that her role is to “aim her students towards freedom.” More specifically, she realizes that by pointing them to Jesus (not towards her leadership, strengths, or answers), they can tap into what they need for their breakthrough. Hayley knows that she can shepherd them with wisdom and guidance, but it is ultimately up to them to take steps toward Jesus, who is the true Source for all their needs.

For example, when a student is struggling with an issue of pornography or other form of addiction, Hayley will spend time asking him or her to partner with the Lord and brainstorm some ways to remain accountable and avoid falling into sin. Through her leadership, students are empowered to take ownership for their own actions and set themselves up to live in freedom!


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