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Establishing a kingdom culture amongst believers is one of the main goals of a supernatural school of ministry. As school leaders, we must realize that in order to shift culture within the community we serve, we must first establish trust. By taking the time to build strong rapport, we gain influence with those whom we share relationship.

In our most recent School Leaders Revival Chat, SPD Director, Janelle Fite, hosted Igniting Hope Director, Steve Backlund. We asked Steve to share some insight on how leaders can develop kingdom culture in their school community. In his response, Steve shared that trust is the currency of influence.

Today, we want to highlight the nuggets of wisdom Steve shared with our school leaders on how to become a trustworthy leader. We pray that as you read this post, you would be empowered to shift culture for the kingdom in a greater measure!

Establishing Trust

In any successful relationship, trust must be established and maintained. In our latest School Leaders Revival Chat, Steve shared that consistency and follow-through send the message to others that we are trustworthy. To help you build trust in your relationships, it’s important to:

  1. Pursue heart connection. In leadership, it is easy to focus on executing the tasks at hand and forget to intentionally build connection with those around us. To build trust as a leader, we encourage you to prioritize relationship over checking things off a to-do list. Choose to go the extra mile to strengthen connection, communicating that you know and value those around you. Remember, family is the priority of heaven! When we build relationships rooted in kingdom culture, we invite the kingdom to be established on the earth as it is in heaven.
  2. Invite feedback. It’s important to initiate open conversations about your school’s vision and ask for feedback regularly, especially amongst your leadership team. Cultivate value for their input by creating space for them to share and finding ways to implement their suggestions. By asking for and applying others’ feedback, they will feel valued by your leadership. As a result, you will develop a culture of unity, honor, and trust!
  3. Be consistent. To be a leader of influence, it is crucial that we learn faithfulness in our word and deed. As others’ see consistency and follow-through in our lives, the amount of confidence they place in your leadership grows. When we are trying to shift a culture within a community, trust and influence are created when we demonstrate kingdom values through our daily behavior. As you seek to shift an environment, we encourage you to be consistent. It will send the message to others that you are trustworthy! 

Trust Is Essential to Influence

As school leaders, you share relationships with those on your team, students, local ministries, and beyond. Remember, establishing relationships that are full of trust creates the greatest opportunities to influence their lives! As you learn to gain the trust of those around you, cultures in your sphere of influence will change as you release the kingdom. 

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