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In I Corinthians 14, Paul encourages believers to “Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy,” (1 Cor. 14:1, NKJV). Prophesy is a gift that calls out the treasure in others. It is not a skill, aptitude, award, or talent. Rather, prophecy is the actual speaking forth of words given by the Spirit of God for strengthening, encouraging, and comforting others.

Through prophecy, we can engage God’s heart for others and communicate His thoughts towards them. He can minister to their deepest needs through a word of encouragement or comfort, helping them realize that He loves them personally. This gift is not just for the Church. In fact, it is a powerful means to reach believers! Paul said that the prophetic can even impact unbelievers so that they can believe and declare, “God is truly here among you” (1 Cor. 14:24–25, NKJV).

To help equip your students to minister in the prophetic, we want to share some of our favorite training resources with you. These resources have shaped the prophetic training we provide at BSSM. We encourage you to tap into these resources that provide sound biblical teaching, illustrations, and activation exercises that will empower your students to live a supernatural lifestyle!

Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry by Kris Vallotton

BSSM Director, Kris Vallotton, has developed a manual that teaches students how to develop their prophetic gift. We use this resource at BSSM to help our students develop a strong understanding of the prophetic, even before they begin to minister prophetically. The powerful truths provided in this manual empower students to develop discernment and beliefs that empower them to use prophecy in order to encourage others. More specifically, students learn the difference between:

  • Prophets and Prophecy
  • Foretelling and Forthtelling
  • Word of Knowledge and Gift of Prophetic
  • A True Prophet and A False Prophet
  • Old Testament and New Testament Prophecy

You May All Prophesy by Steve Thompson

Drawing from his vast experience of ministering in the prophetic, Thompson debunks the myths and fallacies that often prevent people from operating in spiritual gifts. He provides practical instruction on how to develop a prophetic lifestyle and strong biblical teaching, revealing that all believers are called to prophesy. Through his book, students will receive instruction to:

  • Discover how God speaks
  • Discern when and how to speak prophetically to others
  • Understand and interpret dreams and visions
  • Recognize how prophecy functions in the local church
  • Overcome obstacles unique to ministering prophetically

Basic Training for Prophetic Activation by Dan McCollam

This resource provides many powerful activations that will spark the prophetic in your students’ lives. In each chapter, you will receive biblical instruction and activation exercises that demonstrate principles of the prophetic gift. According to Kris Vallotton, “Basic Training for the Prophetic Activation fills a much-needed void in the practical application of the prophetic ministry. You will be inspired, encouraged, challenged and equipped to join this prophetic revolution.”

Here is one example of the several prophetic exercises provided by McCollam called the Blind Phone Book Find: 

  • “Have one group member fan through the phone book pages while the member to the right has his eyes closed.
  • The member with his eyes closed places a finger on a random name in the phone book. Read the name aloud and give a prophetic word for that person using one of the name methods.
  • The pass the phone book to the left and continue until everyone in the group has had at least one turn.
  • While doing this exercise, you may feel strongly about the prophetic word you have given. If so, call the person and actually deliver this word of encouragement to them. You could say something like, ‘You don’t know me, but I saw your name in the phone book and feel like God wants to share something with you. Would you like to hear it?’ If they decline then let them go; if they say ‘yes,’ then share the word the Lord leads you to say. Note: Because this is a stranger you are talking to, do not give out any personal information or contact details over the phone. If they ask for contact information, give your local church name, phone number, address, etc.”

God desires to speak to your students and fulfill His promise that “My sheep hear My voice” (John 10:27, NKJV). Just like a satellite needs to be turned in the right direction to catch a signal, your students will learn to tune the “antenna” of their hearts to hear His voice. Through these resources, may you be fully prepared to teach your students to build powerful partnerships with the Lord that invite the supernatural to invade their lives.

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