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During this month’s School Leaders Revival Chat, we asked Carl and Vicki Richardson to share powerful insight from their experience leading in a revival culture. Carl brings strategic thinking and a pastoral heart to the BSSM 1st Year team. He is an associate overseer of the first year program and is also charged with equipping the interns who serve our first year Revival Group Pastors. Vicki is the comptroller at Bethel Church and oversees the financial operations with her administrative expertise. She has a strong passion and gift to marry structure and the supernatural.

They shared insight on how to transition from one school year to the next as a leader, the heart behind the gift of administration, how to cultivate a risk-taking culture and more. Today, we want to highlight the wealth of wisdom and encouragement they freely shared with our school leaders community!

Be Intentional during Transitions

It’s that time of year again when students are preparing to graduate. As the end of school approaches, both leaders and students are pressing in so that they can finish strong. If your school is still running, know that God can release “eleventh-hour” breakthroughs to your students! He is faithful to bring your students into the measure of growth He destined them to experience through your school.

Although your team may be mentally prepared for the transition of students in your school, we encourage you to remember that it can still be taxing emotionally. Make sure to give yourself grace to process the highs and lows from the year and not just jump into making improvements for next year.

Carl shared how crucial it is that leaders take the time to process the year. Processing requires a balance of intentionality and rest. In fact, it’s key to find what brings refreshment to your heart and spend time doing those things.

As leaders, what does this time of year look like for you? How do you steward your heart during transition?

Value the Gift of Administration

Vicki highlighted that kingdom-minded administrators are those who have hearts to serve the vision. Administrators are gifts to an organization when they create structures with flexibility, allowing the Holy Spirit to have free reign and influence upon their work. They spend time with the Father, listening intently to His answers for the seemingly impossible situations they encounter.

When school administrators respond from this place with the Father, they bring peace and stability to a school’s environment. The gift of administration partnered with a God-breathed vision also creates momentum and growth in a school environment.

With a strong administrator on your team, your school’s vision can be realized! Remember, there is no separation between the supernatural and practical aspects of your school. Every area can be supernatural, especially administration!

Administrators, how do you choose to process challenging situations ? What do you do to ensure the structures created are aligned to the vision of the school?

Cultivate a Risk-Taking Culture

Carl and Vicki’s last piece of encouragement to us was to focus on creating a safe place for people to experiment in the supernatural. In a school environment, leaders can support students to practice their spiritual gifts by creating a risk-taking culture. Students’ learning is limited if you only teach them a new skill. They need to practice the tools you give them and they need your words of affirmation when they take a risk.

As leaders, don’t forget to pursue and model risk-taking in your own life. We encourage you to seek God during your time away from school and watch the fruit impact the next group of students that come. Take some time to ask yourself, how has God used your breakthrough and victories to impact students? What are the risks the Lord is inviting you into this season?

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