The Role of a School Planter: Know Your Calling

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Graeme Morris, a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), joins us again to share the wisdom he has gleaned from planting schools. In this second post of The Role of a School Planter series, Graeme conveys that true school planters have a burning desire to give their lives towards building up believers to expand the kingdom! They also have a resolve to overcome any challenges that come along the way. 

Whether you are starting or already running a school, we pray this message allows you to pursue your purpose and grow in confidence to complete the great work to which God has called you!

Discover Your Life Calling

Scripture says there will be no end to the increase of God’s government and peace (Isaiah 9:7). What He started, reaffirmed, and commissioned through Jesus was never suppose to wane, shrink, or cease. This is a permanent revolution. His words do not return to Him void of accomplishing what He sent them out to achieve. Each of us is a small, yet significant part of His divine plan.

If we are unclear as to the specifics of what it is we are called to, we ought to at least lend our strength to this master plan. We have been commissioned by Jesus and equipped by the Holy Spirit. Jesus made  the mission clear in Matthew 28:18-20:

And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ (NASB)

We are all called to promote the increase of His government. It is becoming of every believer to host the presence of God and transform the world around them. I often hear people say, “I am not called to ministry, like you.” It’s true. Some may not be called to plant a school of supernatural ministry. Their calling may lie in a different area of ministry such as the church, reaching the lost, or missions. The important thing to remember is we must not lose sight of the fact that we are all called to the ministry of Jesus in one way or another.

I have also heard others underestimate the difficulty of planting schools. They imply it’s easy to start something from scratch and have it succeed. Pioneering or breaking ground is not for the faint of heart. It might seem like a great idea, or even a God-inspired idea, but it might not be where God is calling you.

Recently, I was praying and the Lord gave me insight through a picture of the uterus and ovaries of a woman. As I became focused, I saw an egg come out and down into the uterus. I paid attention and noticed the egg just passed out of the system. Then I suddenly had the revelation, as if God was saying these words directly to me,“Like a reproductive system, I have created you to conceive ideas. You are an idea factory. However, not every idea will be fertilized by me.”

My mind was blown away. So many times when I have received an idea during a God encounter, I expected it to come to pass. This revelation opened my eyes up to realize that God has designed us to come up with good ideas, or even God ideas, but we must learn to recognize which idea He is fertilizing. School planting is a great idea, but is He calling you to that work? Was the idea more than an idea? Is it your life’s calling?

Sometimes, while sitting under the ministry of an apostle, we like the idea of school planting. It’s just like sitting under an evangelist can cause us to become obsessed with missions and saving the world. We ought to discern then whether the Holy Spirit is actually calling us to focus on a school planting assignment. All special assignments will call you out to a place where faith is a necessity, not an ideal. If you are called to school planting, it won’t simply be a good idea. It will burn in you and become your life’s mission.

Discover What You Burn For

When I lie awake at night and dream of how I could change the world, all I can think about is building up or edifying and encouraging the church to embrace kingdom thinking. I can’t think of a better way to enrich and empower the church than with a supernatural school that camps around His presence. For my wife and I, we received similar prophetic words at an early age. We both grew up in different countries and yet, we had the exact same calling spoken over us prophetically: “to build the body of Christ.”

We have planted a few schools now, and yet we still burn for imparting what we learned about the kingdom all around the world. It’s taken years to determine that we are called to spend our lives building a supernatural body of believers. Do you know what you are called to lay your life down for?

School planting, while being radical and rewarding, can be a lonely, demanding place. A place where you are pioneering in an environment that lacks the kingdom values you hold so dear. You could be led to places where what you stand for is a foreign culture to those you are called to influence. Unfortunately, the prevailing culture can be quick to resist change.

We have also found that this thing we are burning for will cost us all the comforts we thought we needed, and demand more than we thought we had. The vision is tested and when tested, reveals whether we were really called. School planting requires a certain inner conviction that isn’t swayed by the populous or easily discouraged by opposition. Be encouraged, because it turns out, we have a comforter for when we are led out of our comfort zone. It is also true that in our weakness, He is strong.

We are all called to further the kingdom. You have a calling as a believer first, and you are equipped with all the tools you need to partner with heaven and see Jesus get His full reward. People who are called to focus on a specific area of kingdom advancement, such as school planting, truly know that they are called to train believers. They can’t stand to do anything else with their lives.

If after reading this you aren’t sure if you are called, but you love the idea of school planting, awesome! There is probably a school planter in your area that would absolutely love to partner with you and receive from the special gifts you have to give. History is a pretty good indicator of what we were living to die for.


More about Graeme Morris

Graeme and his wife, Christina, are school and church planters currently living in Kelowna, Canada. While attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), Graeme had a vision to plant eight schools of supernatural ministry in eight different countries. Since their time at BSSM, they have planted five schools in four countries over the course of five years. They are currently planting a church in Kelowna to create a dwelling place for God and man. Graeme regularly preaches on revival, imparts kingdom culture, and creates opportunities for others to encounter God in all His goodness. He is also an itinerant speaker that focuses on supporting Christians to develop a healthy sexuality and helping couples find freedom to love each other well.

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