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Each of us is designed to express the creativity of heaven through our lives! As God’s chosen people, we can release heavenly encounters, freedom, and hope to others through a variety of mediums. We can even reach those in our city through our creative expressions.

We hosted Theresa Dedmon during our latest School Leaders Revival Chat to share wisdom and testimonies on fostering the creative arts in a school environment. Theresa is on staff at Bethel Church where she oversees the Creative Arts Department. She has activated groups of believers in creative arts from all over the world and led outreach teams throughout the city of Redding.

Drawing from Theresa’s ministry, we want to share how your school of supernatural ministry can greatly benefit from cultivating creativity! As you read this post, may you discover practical ideas and powerful resources to equip and empower your leaders and students to release God’s presence through creative expression. We release favor and upgrades in kingdom creativity to impact your school, community, and beyond.

Everyone is Creative

Many people see creativity as a skill only some possess. However, Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (NKJV).

We were created in the image of the Creator of the universe. Therefore, we all have creative abilities.

Insecurity, fear, and often the pressure to perform can disconnect us from our God-given creativity. However, when we shift our focus away from what we feel we lack (e.g. skills, experience) and focus on our value in the Father’s eyes, our creativity is unlocked! We discover that we can’t fail, even when we try new creative mediums, and that God wants to release powerful breakthrough through us.

During the Revival Chat, Theresa explained that activating our creativity requires risk, vulnerability, and a willingness to “fail.” Creativity requires us to rely on Holy Spirit, not our own skills or abilities. When we try a new form creativity, it’s important to remember that we don’t have to be perfect to gain approval from our Father. He values our willingness to try something new and grow.

When we encourage students to unlock their creativity, it’s important that we help them discover what God thinks about them as they step out in new ways. It’s also crucial that we encourage them to trust that God is communicating through their art expression. In fact, the impact of His message doesn’t depend upon their skill level. He will encounter the people your students minister to as they take risks. While there is a place for developing skills, ultimately, God will use any willing believer to reach others through creativity.

The Power of  Creativity

Ministering through the arts can bypass the walls of the mind and heart and release truth and love straight to the spirit. During our time with Theresa, she reminded us that God can encounter people through worship, teaching, and preaching, but also through creative methods.

When Theresa began developing a creative arts community in Redding, she took BSSM students to evangelize among businesses and neighborhoods. At the time, students had grown tired or discouraged evangelizing door-to-door every week. However, Theresa was able to introduce them to evangelizing through creativity. The students enjoyed this new form of evangelism. They discovered over and over again that those they ministered to were really impacted by their artistic expressions. Many students saw people in the Redding community experience both emotional and physical healing, and led them to the Lord!

Theresa explained that creative arts like face painting, prophetic art, and dance are ways to gather groups of people to share kingdom messages. She and her team have created many outreach opportunities for students to participate in that incorporate the arts such as:

  • Children’s story hour at the local library
  • Hosting a block party at a neighborhood park
  • Playing music at a coffee shop

These outreaches allow students to express their God-given creativity and impact the community with the kingdom. To find more ideas for outreaches that incorporate creativity, check out Keys to Developing School Outreach.

If your school wants to empower students to take the arts into the community as a form of outreach, it is helpful to develop relationships with local organizations. Theresa gave the example of when she contacted a hospital chaplain and offered a team to come in and create prophetic cards for patients. This service greatly impacted both the patients and hospital staff. As a result, her team has experienced tremendous favor at the hospital and has been invited to continue to minister.

Creativity is a powerful tool for all believers.

We encourage you to explore outlets for creativity in your environment and watch the benefits unfold. As your school continues to grow in the creative arts, take a look at some of Theresa’s resources that will help you cultivate creativity in your community.

  • Create Supernaturally Series: In this three-part series, Theresa covers the biblical basis for creativity, the history of creativity in the church, how to activate creativity in worship and services, and testimonies from the creative arts community at Bethel Church.
  • Born to Create: This book will help any believer discover his or her creative identity and unlock the supernatural through creative expressions.
  • Cultivating Kingdom Creativity: Theresa developed this manual to equip believers to access new levels of creativity and activate their creative destinies. Through this resource, Theresa also releases impartation for breakthrough in creativity.
  • Unlocking Your Destiny (BSSM Second Year, Section 1, 2006): Through this message, Theresa shares the power of each believer’s destiny and how to fully walk in it. Through creative expression, each believer demonstrates a unique aspect of who God is to the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about Theresa’s ministry or want to invite her to train and activate your students, please visit her website, Create Supernaturally.

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