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Through schools of supernatural ministry, students can be trained to impact the world around them! By providing outreach opportunities, they can learn how to share the gospel, minister with the power of the Holy Spirit, and release the transforming love of God.

We invited BSSM Outreach Pastor, Angelo Jeanpierre, to share his insight on how to create outreach opportunities that encourage your students to take risks and serve the needs of your city. Angelo has over 15 years of experience equipping and leading outreach and evangelism teams. His passion to empower others to reach their city is contagious!

As you read this post, may you be encouraged to develop opportunities for your students to shine as beacons of hope in your community.

Casting Vision

As you lead your students on outreach, it is important to cast vision! Demonstrating God’s heart should always be the motivation behind any outreach activity. We encourage you to remind your students that the people they come across are not projects, they are people. God wants to personally encounter and bless them. From this posture of love and care, outreaches are effective and expand the kingdom in a city.

Designing Outreach Opportunities

To create outreach opportunities for your students, Angelo recommends finding passionate people who carry a vision for transformation and build outreaches around them. For example, at BSSM, one of the outreaches that students participate in is a program called Beautiful You. This program was birthed from a woman who carries a passion to reveal and celebrate beauty.

She eventually designed an outreach that ministers to women struggling with self-esteem or have encountered difficult life circumstances. She and a team of students provide hairstyling, makeup, and self-portraits and family photos for women in Redding, connecting them to the love of God.

To discover more ideas of ways your students can serve your city, check out Keys to Developing School Outreach.

Developing Core Values

During the Revival Chat, Angelo highlighted how important it is to create and define core values for outreach. By reviewing these values, students are reminded of what it looks like to minister in a way that reflects the King and His kingdom. In fact, they are guidelines that will help them operate in love and honor as they encounter people in your community.

Here are some core values Angelo shared and how they may manifest practically during outreach:

  • Supernatural Activate students in the gifts of the Spirit! Prophesy, healing, preaching, and leading people to the Lord can become supernaturally normal for each one. Remind your students that God’s love and power transform. Encourage them to make space for Him to move and they will experience abundant fruit.
  • Risk – We have a popular saying in our environment: “Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.” Stepping out and trying something new is a powerful way to grow in being led by God’s voice. As you lead outreach, encourage students to step out in faith using wisdom and following His voice. It’s important that students are challenged to step out of their comfort zones in some way through outreach!
  • Honor  – If students are going into local businesses as part of their outreach, they should be prepared with ideas of how to honor them. For example, you may want to ask students to sow into a business God highlights to them. Whether it’s a coffee shop, grocery store, or the local mall, it’s important to bless the business by making a purchase. This communicates value for the store and helps build trust and relationship between your school and the community.
  • Love – The purpose of all ministry is to demonstrate God’s love, which can take on many forms. Be creative and develop outreaches while listening to the heartbeat of God. There is no one way to love people. His love can be expressed through stopping to pray for a stranger, hosting a block party, or tutoring a student.
  • Presence – Your students are living, breathing encounters waiting to happen! As sons and daughters, they carry the heart of the Father and release heaven wherever they go. Encourage students to be mindful of this truth and to rely on their connection with God as they minister. Remind them that in His presence is fullness of joy, and His joy is their strength!

Pastoring Students

Outreach can often bring issues of the heart to the surface. Some students may feel nervous or fearful, while others may be fighting through performance. There are even times when students don’t carry a value for this type of ministry and are reluctant to participate. Remember, pastoring students through these emotions can lead to great victory! As a leader, don’t underestimate the influential role you have in your students’ lives. God can powerfully use your encouragement and support as keys to their breakthroughs!

Drawing from his experience pastoring students, Angelo reminded us that students can benefit from seeing a more experienced leader handle specific situations during outreach. He recommends partnering with your students and leading from a place of “let’s take risk together!” Students don’t need a leader with perfect experience. They need a leader who will back them up as they step out in faith.

Another aspect of pastoring students in outreach is making sure every student can clearly and simply present the gospel to those they encounter. When students share an encouraging word or release healing to an individual, he or she may be ready to enter the kingdom of God! In those moments, students should be ready to share the gospel and lead a person to Christ. Create training opportunities for your students to practice this skill!

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