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BSSM revival group pastors, Libby Gordon and Carrie Lloyd, joined us on our latest School Leaders Revival Chat. Along with Janelle, they shared powerful prophetic words, imparted testimonies of supernatural breakthrough, and released wisdom on how to develop and pastor powerful leaders.

As you read this post, we pray you would encounter the Holy Spirit who desires to empower you to walk in greater levels of His love and power! May you see increase and breakthrough in your student body, knowing that God has handpicked each one to become influencers for the kingdom.

Prophetic Words for This Season

Janelle started the revival chat with a time of prophesy. Here are three words from Janelle, Libby, and Carrie to encourage you! 

  • This is a year of being strongly and firmly established. As you have expanded the span of your “tent,” God is pouring cement over the places where you have driven “tent pegs” into the ground.
  • The breakthroughs you are stepping into are not going to be momentary, they are going continually increase! Much like a financial investment that brings residual returns, these breakthroughs are going to continually grow.
  • Perseverance is one of the greatest qualities of the millennials of our day. The building of character inside of them may not feel like it’s having a direct impact, but when they look back, they will see its importance. There is a reverence for intimacy with the Lord that is starting to rise within students. Intimacy with Him is becoming much more real in schools around the world.

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The Power of Honor

At BSSM, we’ve had leaders from different streams speak in our environment. We honor the unique anointing and gifts God has placed on each of their lives. Honor has created unity of faith amongst these leaders and our team, which has deeply impacted our students; they are learning how to value each role and part of the Body of Christ. 

Libby explained that as school leaders, it’s so important to let go of the things that divide us and cling to the cross and Jesus, which we all have in common. This culture of honor allows us to pursue our call to raise up revivalists together.

During the revival chat, Carrie shared how she prepares students to receive from BSSM leaders or leaders that are visiting our school. She has conversations around diversity. As students position their hearts to honor e leader, they receive all that God wants to pour out through he/she and experience miracles, signs, and wonders! Both Carrie and Libby agreed that a heart posture of honor increases faith and hunger; it gives students access to powerful impartation.

Keys for Leading Students

Janelle asked Carrie and Libby to share insight on how they develop the students in their Revival Groups into leaders. Drawing from her personal journey, Carrie talked about how important it is to know when the Holy Spirit is directing you to step in and lead students towards breakthrough and when you should step back and allow Him to lead them. When you choose to hold back your strengths as a leader through His prompting, students get to experience the fullness of His presence and leadership in their lives. They develop the spiritual muscles they need to become leaders themselves. 

Carrie also highlighted that leaders will often believe in their students more than the students believe in themselves. This is important for students’ growth! However, the goal should be that by the end of the year, students believe in themselves more than their leaders do. As a leader, Carrie desires her students to grow greater trust and confidence in their relationship with the Lord that empowers them to succeed outside of school.  

Libby explained the importance of leading yourself to Jesus first and foremost, then leading others. By inviting Jesus into our weaknesses, we become qualified to lead others.

The Lord has shown her how she doesn’t have to always lead from her strengths. Through grace, she can live from the overflow of her weaknesses; His Spirit shows up in her brokenness and draws others in to experience healing and freedom. Libby does this by keeping her heart soft before God, giving Him complete access to touch her heart and reveal His kindness. Remember, you do not have to have it all together to lead, you simply need to be led by Jesus.

Watch Now

Click below to listen to Carrie and Libby on our most recent School Leaders Revival Chat. 

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