School Advertising: How to Get the Word Out

School Structure

You’ve built a school leadership team, developed curriculum, established a mission, vision, and core values, but how do you get the word out about your school? We’re here to give you some tips on how to best advertise what your school has to offer and draw in prospective students!

As you develop avenues to market your school, know and trust that the Holy Spirit will grant strategies and resources to invite others to join your community. They will catch the vision to join a family of revivalists that are expanding the kingdom to every corner of the earth.

Transformed Lives

At BSSM, we have found that the testimonies of our students’ transformation are the most successful key to stir hunger in others and encourage them to be part of our school family. We encourage you to share stories from your students’ lives as you advertise your school! If you are just starting your school, you could consider running a short trial run, perhaps over a weekend or a two-week taster, and use testimonies from this time. We have seen schools use this method and succeed in getting the word out about what God is doing in their community!

For examples and inspiration of effective transformation testimonies, check out the “My Story” series by BSSM or watch the clip below!

Part of what makes this a successful testimony is that this student shares the following key points: who she is, how God transformed her life, and the role the school played in facilitating this change!

Advertising Outlets

Video testimonies are just one way to communicate with potential students, but there are many others. Consider the options below and select the methods that best fit your budget:

  • Facebook: Facebook is a great way to reach potential students of all ages.
  • Instagram: Instagram is especially effective in reaching younger people. Make sure to post pictures and share Instagram Stories!
  • Website: Create a free WordPress website or blog to direct potential students to. Include testimonies, inspiration, teaching, and more.
  • Promo Video: A promo video is a great way to capture the vision of your school in 1-2 minutes. Click here  to view BSSM’s promo video.
  • Word of Mouth: Make announcements about your school at conferences, churches, small groups, or other social gatherings.
  • Print: Create and print flyers to hang in church foyers or other community centers. Share these flyers with other local churches or ministries in which you share relationship.
  • Ads: Advertise in local papers, magazines, or websites to get the word out.
  • School Planting Network: Create a school profile on our School Planting Network! We often direct others to the map that are looking for a school community outside of Redding.

Additionally, here is some important information to include in your advertising:

  • Leadership team
  • Mission statement
  • School schedule (important dates)
  • Main curriculum topics
  • Application information (link to application and deadlines)
  • Tuition (financial information)
  • Email address and website

Now you have the basics! Having figured out who you are as a school and what you’re offering, we recommend using multiple opportunities and channels to make a great first impact. Also, we encourage you to share who you are and share testimonies of the impact your school is already having. Remember, there’s no bad time to talk about the good thing God’s doing!

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