Apostleship: The New Shift in Ministry Leadership

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God is doing something great in this hour! The Church is rising up like never before to shine the glory and goodness of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 60:1-2) and nations are being transformed as the Good News is proclaimed that Jesus is alive. He has made a way for us to experience heaven on earth!

The new of move the Spirit that is occurring throughout the world is the result of a major shift in the Church: we are moving away from denominationalism and into apostleship. Kris Vallotton teaches that it is a change in epoch seasons where believers are being drawn under spiritual fathers and mothers to be equipped to walk in their destinies! 

We believe your school is an important part of this move of the Spirit. A key component of apostleship is the equipping of the saints who are then sent out to do the good works of Jesus, which is exactly what happens in supernatural schools. As you learn more about the transition from denominationalism to apostleship, we pray that you will be encouraged and filled with an even greater vision for all that God’s doing in the earth!

Denominationalism vs. Apostleship

In denominationalism, people gather when they agree upon a set of beliefs and divide when they disagree. This idea has been the backbone of the Protestant Church, which has split into hundreds of different denominations as disagreements over doctrine have occurred.

Apostleships, on the other hand, are formed when believers are joined together by covenant relationships. In other words, they gather together because of a love and commitment to one another, not just a belief system. Their commitment to each other takes precedence over their commitment to their opinions. As a result, they don’t leave when they disagree; they press in.

One of the beautiful things about apostleship is that people function as a family. In a church setting, believers are not necessarily put into leadership positions because they are the most qualified (although qualifications like education and experience are indeed important). Rather, church leaders are first identified by their connection to the family and their anointing. It is a demonstration of the Father’s heart that calls and equips sons and daughters to walk in their unique callings.

To continue, when you acquire a job simply because you are the most qualified, you will be threatened by anyone who is more qualified than you. Your role, then, is only made secure by your performance, which is not a fun way to live!

But in apostleship, your qualifications are not the only determining factor. You’ve been chosen by God not because of your strength, but because of His strength made perfect in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Therefore, your success is not measured by what you do, but by how many people outgrow you. This is where the shift in church culture happens! Church leaders are not simply managers of people, but serve as fathers and mothers to sons and daughters. They spend their lives developing and empowering others to receive greater breakthroughs and revelation than they have received.

You Have Been Chosen

As you build and lead your school, we want to remind you that you have been chosen and anointed by God for the task of revealing His goodness upon the earth! Your skills or experience don’t qualify you; God’s Spirit upon you qualifies you.

Furthermore, you have been chosen to be a father or mother! Your privilege and joy is to see sons and daughters go farther than you could have ever dreamed. This is the beauty and mystery of the kingdom, that we rejoice not at our own success, but at the success of those we lead.

To hear more on this topic from Kris, click below to watch this video from Converge School Leaders Training.

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