3 Tips for Administrators Who Serve a Visionary

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We can’t change the world without visionaries! Visionaries carry God-sized dreams that release the kingdom upon the earth. And for every school of supernatural ministry, there is most certainly a visionary who has a dream to see people transformed by equipping them to walk in the fullness of their anointing, gifts, and callings. To accomplish the plans God has placed in their hearts, visionaries need the support of administrators!

We would like to dedicate this post to all the powerful administrators out there! You put legs on dreams to build schools that raise up revivalists. You make the craziest dreams beautiful realities through your hard work and wisdom.

To help you be successful in your role as an administrator, we want to encourage you with these three powerful tips from BSSM’s Administrator, Kathy Vallotton. As one who is married to and works with a visionary leading BSSM (Kris Vallotton), she has powerful wisdom on how to effectively support your leader’s dreams to start a school!

Don’t Kill the Dream

One of the worst things we can do as administrators is to kill a visionary’s dream. When a visionary is sharing their ideas, it’s so important that we avoid discouraging statements like, “We can’t do that” or “That will never happen.” Remember, your job is to help find a way for those desires to become a reality! You don’t want to take the wind out of a visionary’s sails.

We encourage you to avoid “killing the dream” and to make room for a visionary express their thoughts and ideas! Most visionaries are verbal processors and need a listening ear. A good administrator will let a visionary share their desires, even if they decide to go a different direction. Remember, we need visionaries to dream dreams that change the world. Encourage the visionary you are serving to dream!

Ask for Time to Process

When you start to listen to a visionary share what they want to accomplish, you may start to think about all of the time, energy, and resources it would take to make it a reality. Your mind may even start to become overloaded! We want to encourage you, don’t get overwhelmed or anxious in the moment. Instead, ask for time to process the information that has been given you.

As an administrator, you are wired and gifted to think about the structures and details that are needed to bring a dream to life. Avoid any pressure to have it all figured out all at once, and give yourself the space to think through a visionary’s ideas. It’s okay to make room for yourself to brainstorm how it could be executed and ask lots of great questions if you need clarification.

Provide Valuable Feedback

A visionary is not always wired to think about how a dream will work out practically. That’s why your gift-mix and perspective are important! As an administrator, you have the opportunity to show a visionary some of the steps, structure, and processes that are needed to pursue the dream.

After taking some time to process through a visionary’s thoughts, give valuable feedback! We encourage you to go back with insight on the best ways to pursue what is in their heart. Also, you may find that the idea needs to be altered or recognize a better way to execute it. Share your discoveries out of a passion to serve and see their God-sized dreams come to life!

Remember, your strengths are so valuable to a visionary! Invite the Holy Spirit to lead you each day to use all of your gifts and experiences to help build the dream to start a school that will transform lives. He will meet you every time!

To hear more on this topic from Kathy, click below to watch this video from Converge School Leaders Training.


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