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School Planting Roadmap

You have built your leadership team, developed a curriculum plan, and put together other major components of your school. Now it is time to get the word out to prospective students!

There are so many creative, fun ways to invite individuals in your city and region to be part of your school family! We want to offer some of our favorite ideas about how to share your school’s vision and draw those who are ready to be equipped as revivalists.

As you create strategies to market your school, know and trust that the Holy Spirit will grant avenues and resources to encourage prospective students to go on an exciting journey of transformation. When you use these tips, they will catch the vision!

Host a Sneak Peak

Before launching your school, we encourage you to consider running a “sneak peak” event that gives individuals a taste of what your school will offer. We have seen many schools use this advertising method and successfully gather a class of hungry, eager students.

Through a sneak peak, prospective students will get to experience powerful teaching and activations. Whether it is a day, weekend, or week long event, this sort of “teaser” will also give them an opportunity to get to know you and your leadership team. Use this time to share who you are, your heart to see believers’ lives transformed, and how individuals can join your school family!

During a sneak peak event, we also recommend inviting individuals to share testimonies of how they were impacted by the event. This will create excitement and expectation surrounding the launch of your school. You will find that individuals are eager to attend your school when they hear about the fruit of what you have built.

A Transformed Life Speaks Volumes  

Again, there is incredible power and encouragement released when individuals share how a school experience transformed their lives! Over the years, we have discovered that testimonies of transformation are the most successful form of advertisement.

At BSSM, we have seen time and time again that hearts are stirred with hunger when they hear about students’ encounters with God’s goodness and transformation through our school. When they hear these testimonies, they realize that they were not made to live an ordinary life. They were made to live a life a full of the revelation of God’s love and power; a life that is extraordinary and supernatural.

We encourage you to share stories from your students’ lives as you advertise your school! They will move and inspire believers to apply. For examples and inspiration of effective transformation testimonies, check out the My Story series by BSSM!

Part of what makes this a successful testimony is that this student shares the following key points: who she is, how God transformed her life, and the role the school played in facilitating this change!

Other Advertising Outlets

Video testimonies are just one way to communicate with potential students, but there are many others. Consider the options below and select the methods that best fit your time and budget:

  • Facebook: Facebook is a great way to reach potential students of all ages.
  • Instagram: Instagram is especially effective in reaching a younger audience. Make sure to post pictures and share Instagram Stories to gain followers!
  • Website: Create a free WordPress website or blog to direct prospective students to. Include testimonies, inspiration, admissions information, and more.
  • Promo Video: A promo video is a great way to share the vision of your school in 1-2 minutes. Click here to view BSSM’s promo video.
  • Word of Mouth: Make announcements about your school at conferences, churches, small groups, or other social gatherings.
  • Print: Create and print flyers to hang in church foyers, local businesses, community centers, and more. Share these flyers with other local churches or ministries in which you share a relationship.
  • Ads: Advertise in local papers, magazines, or websites to get the word out.
  • School Planting Network: Create a school profile on our School Planting Network! We often direct others to the map that are looking for a school community outside of Redding.

Additionally, include this important information in your advertising:

  • Leadership team
  • Mission statement
  • School schedule (important dates)
  • Main curriculum topics
  • Application information (link to application and deadlines)
  • Tuition (financial information)
  • Contact Information (email address, website, phone number)

Now you have the basics! Having figured out who you are as a school and what you’re offering, we recommend using multiple opportunities and channels to communicate about your school. Also, we encourage you to continually record and share testimonies of the impact your school is having; this is one of the most effective ways to invite students to join your school family. Remember, there’s no bad time to talk about the good thing God’s doing through your school!



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