Build a Powerful Leadership Team

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Kris Vallotton once said, “I believe that everybody has a purpose in life. But what I’m learning is that, more importantly, everybody has a people. Until you find your people, you actually don’t have a purpose, because your purpose is divinely connected to your people.”

Before you launch your school of supernatural ministry, we encourage you to find your people! God desires to bless you with a leadership team that will support your school vision. He is ready and able to gather people who will help develop a thriving culture, establish order and efficiency, and fiercely love and empower your students.

We encourage you to take time to pray and discover which individuals would be the best fit for your environment. It is essential to creating a solid foundation for your school! To help you in this process, we want to share some insightful keys, structures, and roles that could serve your team.

Revival Culture Starts with Leadership

What culture do you want to create in your school? What do you want to reproduce in your students? Culture will be the most significant influence in your school, and it is your leaders who will first create, model, and impart it to your students. Indeed, your school environment will be a reflection of your team’s strengths and core values.

Pursue revival in your school by intentionally inviting leaders on your team who are powerful builders, influencers, and caretakers of hearts. They should be individuals who exemplify, teach, and freely give away the revelation and manifestation of God’s kingdom. If you want to create a supernatural environment, you will want individuals on your team that know how to partner with the Holy Spirit! It is extremely valuable to have catalytic activators in your school who will teach and impart how to walk in His power and love with your students.

The team members you choose should also be those with whom you share relationship and trust. BSSM First Year Overseer, Mark Brookes, always strongly recommends to,

“Choose someone you have raised up, who has your heart, who is not just trying to do their own thing, but keep true to the vision that is in the heart of their leader.”

As Mark shared, it is so important to invite leaders to be part of your team who share and honor your heart and vision. They should be individuals in whom you trust and share a strong sense of loyalty. In the end, your school environment will be a reflection of the leaders you choose!

To help you create specific roles that will your serve your school, click here to see a sample list of leadership roles we utilize at BSSM. We recommend reading over these and developing roles that meet the needs of your school.

Preparing for Growth and Expansion

Schools that continually grow are a great blessing! However, growth also increases the workload on your leadership team. It is, therefore, necessary to be prepared for growth by creating new leadership roles or redistributing responsibilities. These changes will add to the stability and strength of your leadership team.

As BSSM has grown over the years, we have created additional levels of leadership to provide greater oversight of our school’s departments and personnel. For example, when we needed more administrative support in our school, we promoted our school administrator to administrative director. In this role, she oversees a team of administrators.

This allows us to create and implement new systems and processes to retain order and efficiency. We add these team members to also protect crucial components of our school’s structure such as our budget, application process, monitoring of attendance, and more.

Adding more pastoral leaders to our team protects the connection and mentoring our students receive during their school experience. These leaders are the shepherds in our environment that lead students to experience transformation and a rich sense of community. During times of growth, we encourage you to protect opportunities for your students to be pastored by adding pastoral leaders to your team. These pastors can invite interns and volunteers to assist them in their roles.

When it comes time to expand your team, we also recommend thinking about the areas you would like to develop in your school. For example, if you want to encourage your students to grow in evangelism, invite a leader onto your team that carries a passion to see the lost saved and a gift to equip students in evangelism! Perhaps you desire to cultivate a stronger passion and love for the Word in your school? Find and empower a leader to teach the Bible in such a way that hearts will be hungry to encounter God through the Word!

To help you think through ways you can expand your team, click here to see a sample list of leadership roles we utilize at BSSM.


As you develop a structure for your leadership team, we recommend you to start building your team with a few key roles (see School Leadership Roles Sample). These leaders can help with the quality, flow, and direction of your school. Also, to maximize the value and strength that the leaders on your team bring, we encourage you to build a structure that supports their unique anointing, gifts, and skills.

To create team roles and a leadership structure to support your school, answer the following questions:

  • What are the main leadership roles needed to serve your school vision?
  • What qualities are required for those roles? And what are their responsibilities?
  • Who will fill the leadership positions?
  • Who will hire/fire school staff?
  • Who will make the final decisions about the school?
  • What other leadership roles do you need to support your school?
  • What will individuals need (e.g. resources, training, salaries, etc.) to carry out those roles?



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