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Do you want to cultivate a culture that reflects the kingdom in your school of supernatural ministry? Living out kingdom core values is the key ingredient!

When we embrace and live out the core values of the kingdom, we create a place where individuals encounter God’s presence and are transformed into His likeness. In fact, intentionally demonstrating these core values helps us establish a place where heaven is experienced on earth.

Through this post, we want to help you develop core values that provide a nutrient-rich culture in your school. As you continue to read, we pray the Holy Spirit would highlight the key principles and strategies you need to create a school environment that powerfully reflects the King and His culture.

Culture Is a Powerful Force

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says culture is “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an institution or organization.” Whether we realize it or not, our beliefs and actions produce a culture inside of us and all around us. At best, the culture we cultivate releases life and hope into an environment. At worst, it steals from the peace and prosperity we desire to create.

Culture is a powerful force! As school leaders, it is so important to pay attention to the culture you are internally cultivating, for this is what students will experience on a daily basis.  Your school will have a specific culture, whether you are intentional to develop it or not. So why not be intentional to create an environment that reflects the culture of heaven?

One of the greatest ways you and your team can develop such culture is to purposefully define and live from kingdom core values! When a school environment is established upon these values, it creates a powerful greenhouse where students are fed and nurtured with truth, wisdom, and love. They develop a strong, internal operating system that aligns their behavior with the truth of their identity as children of God. As a result, they learn how to freely receive and give away the abundance of the kingdom!

Living from Kingdom Core Values

So, what exactly are kingdom core values? Kingdom core values are the biblical beliefs and principles that when we choose to live them out demonstrate the heart of our Father. Much like a tree draws nutrients and strength from its root system to thrive, we draw from core values to produce the fruit of the kingdom. In Kingdom Culture: Living the Values that Disciple Nations, Dann Farrelly (BSSM Dean), says that core values are like,

“…the small seeds that become food-producing plants in a thriving ecosystem… They are the deepest beliefs that direct our lives and when groups share the same values, culture is created.”

As leaders, if we want to build a thriving school environment, kingdom core values cannot be values we merely aspire to demonstrate; they need to be established in our lives so we can impart to those we are leading. Indeed, what you sow into your students will be the result of the values from which we live.

And let’s be real! None of us have the perfect “root system” and we certainly do not have to be perfect to lead a school. Much like our students, we are constantly being developed and refined as we invite the Holy Spirit to draw us into a greater revelation of our identity as sons and daughters. However, it is important to be mindful of the culture you and your team are cultivating. You will be the greatest influencers in your school and the culture of your school will reflect the values you uphold.

At BSSM, our core values are the root system for everything that happens in our environment. When we as leaders intentionally live from our core values, our students experience a culture full of honor, belief, power, generosity, and many other beautiful facets of the kingdom!

For example, one of our core values is “Focused on His Presence.” We create a culture around this core value by infusing worship into our school environment as much as possible. In fact, we actually schedule a time of worship in our staff meetings and team retreat.

We also have corporate worship in our school schedule every day. Having a full-time schedule allows us to pursue that. This might seem excessive, but we believe everything flows from intimacy and from a lifestyle of worship. We want our students to experience the fruit of focusing on God’s presence, knowing that as they behold Him, they become like Him.

What Are You Called to Shout?

So what kind of environment do you want to cultivate with your team and students? What are the values that will shape your school culture? We encourage you to develop a written set of core values for your school that reflects your unique identity and purpose! More importantly, we encourage you to be intentional in living out those values.

At BSSM, our core values are not an exhaustive list of everything we believe, but they are the ones the Holy Spirit has asked us to “shout” in our environment. They have become the foundational root system that produces lasting fruit in our lives and school.

As our core values direct our beliefs and behavior as a leadership team, we are able to create an environment where students can learn how to develop and sustain revival in their personal lives. In turn, we are able to effectively pursue our school mission: to equip and deploy revivalists who passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.

Below is a list of our BSSM core values. We want to share them with you to give you an idea of what your core values could look like. And we want to encourage you to take some time to ask the Holy Spirit to help you develop your own. What values you are being called to “shout?” He wants to help you put language to the principles that will cause your school to thrive!

  1. God Is Good
  2. Salvation Creates Identity
  3. Responsive to Grace
  4. Focused on His Presence
  5. Creating Healthy Family
  6. God’s Word Transforms
  7. God’s Still Speaking
  8. Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
  9. His Kingdom Is Advancing
  10. Free and Responsible
  11. Honor Affirms Value
  12. Hope in a Glorious Church
  13. Generous Like My Father


What core values are you living out well? What core values do you want to grow in? Take some time to reflect upon how you can better foster these core values as a lifestyle with the Core Values Assessment.


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