Pastoring People With Unique Spiritual Giftings

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I knew a man who would know people’s secret sins the moment he laid eyes on them. From what I know this was not a gifting he wanted or sought after, it was just something he experienced. It was a testament to the character of this man that he was also one of the best lovers of people that I’ve ever known. I know quite a few people who, from a young age, saw into the spiritual realm like you and I see into the physical realm. They see angels and demons constantly, without actively looking for them.

I don’t know about you, but until a couple of years ago this was different to how I experienced the supernatural. I’ve never seen someone’s secret sin written across their forehead. Until a couple of years ago, I had never seen demons and angels flitting about, going about their business. I’ve never fallen into a trance, and I’ve yet to be supernaturally transported anywhere. Spiritual gifts manifest differently for different people, and there are those out there who have very unique manifestations of spiritual gifts, and very unique relationships with God as a result.

People label them as mystics or seers. Personally, I believe this is what should be normal for Christians, and is actually accessible to all of us.

Christianity should be inherently mystical, because that’s God’s nature.

I’m going to use the term seer in this post, simply because it’s easier to attach a label, even though I don’t think it fully describes or captures the gifts I am speaking about, and I think it makes it seem like it’s an experience that is limited to one set of people when it’s not.

I’ve met quite a few people in the Bethel environment that came here because they felt weird elsewhere. These people felt like they didn’t fit in, had their giftings misunderstood in other environments, and often didn’t understand their gifts themselves. So they came here looking to learn, and looking for others like them. What they discover upon getting here is that they are still the weird ones in this environment too; the majority of people don’t understand their experiences, and don’t talk about those kinds of experiences often either.

Often these people have been misunderstood and hurt by the mainstream church, so they come looking for a safe place to learn about their gifts and to be healed from the pain their gifts have caused them. I know many of these individuals, and have done life at a deep level with quite a few of them over the past five or so years. Pastoring them can be unique, because their experiences are potentially different from what many people know is possible, and being misunderstood has hurt them in the past, so what they need most is understanding. They don’t need you to understand their experiences, but rather to understand their hearts.

Seek to Understand

The fact is, if you don’t experience the supernatural like these individuals then you potentially won’t understand their experiences. I’ve heard about experiences that I had to really take to Holy Spirit and determine if I agreed with from a theological standpoint. It’s important that you don’t do that in the moment with them. In the moment, be open and seek to understand, but don’t get caught up on your understanding of theology or belief/disbelief. Ask questions, but from a perspective of openness, rather than trying to prove it wrong. Use discernment, and look for the fruit of the experience. Do not react out of fear or confusion. So many seers have shared their experiences and had it go really poorly, so if you want to be able to learn about them and speak into their lives it’s important that you listen in an open way without causing them to shut down. If they notice you freaking out, they will be unlikely to want to share more.

The Spiritual realm is full of mystery, and God uses language we can understand to represent concepts. Jacob saw angels ascending and descending into Heaven via ladders. This was likely a representation of a spiritual truth rather than angels actually requiring ladders to come and go. Because of this, experiences like this can be quite confusing, and seemingly very bizarre and beyond our understanding. But if we don’t seek to understand and close ourselves off to things that don’t make sense, we will miss out on learning from these encounters and experiences.

Sometimes seer giftings can be quite overwhelming. You are seeing and hearing things that you don’t feel like you should have access to, and sometimes don’t even want access to. It’s often information overload! While not a regular experience for me, I’ve had several moments where I’ve heard the thoughts of people around me. It’s always a jarring experience, and one that makes you wonder if you are going crazy. For me, I used those moments to minister to people, and they gained freedom and healing through it. Understand that while these gifts are exciting, learning how to use them and not let them rule your life can be a process. I passionately believe that gifts from God are positive, and shouldn’t turn into something that makes your life more difficult. I totally believe that, but have seen too many instances of gifts making things difficult for people to say that it doesn’t happen.

Create Safety

The Church has often not known how to deal with people who experience the spiritual realm like this. We’ve either not believed them, demonised them (pun not intended), given them a platform they shouldn’t have had, or prayed for their gifting to go away. I’ve seen all of these options play out, and seen the damage they all cause. Just like any other person in our church or school, we want them to feel safe.

I’ve seen it happen that people get excited by the gifts on someone’s life and create a platform for them. Gifts are not the same as character. Spiritual gifts are not an indication of Godly character. Do not give someone a platform simply because of the gifts on their life; it will damage them, and it will damage people around them if their character is unable to sustain the platform they find themselves in. I think it’s important that you create pathways for communication where seers can inform you of what they are feeling in an atmosphere, and ideally you want that pathway for all of your students to be able to communicate what they are sensing.

I have also seen it play out where a seer gifting was causing a young person pain. They communicated the things they had experienced to people who reacted out of fear, or were simply terrified by the things they were seeing. The Church, genuinely wanting to help the person but not knowing how, prayed for the gift to be shut down.

Pastoring someone in their gift is always a better option than shutting it down.

In shutting down a gift you are shutting down part of that person; they are still going to be experiencing things, but their awareness of what they are experiencing is going to be limited. In the long term it’s more sustainable and life-giving for them to learn how to operate in their giftings and simply to be pastored, loved, and covered in that gifting. You do not need to understand their gifts in order to love and encourage them.

Community where they are loved, where risk is celebrated, and there is room to fail is going to provide the best environment for someone to learn and grow in their seer giftings. Create safety by listening, seeking to understand, and providing them with tools to process and get healing from any pain that their giftings may have caused them.

Normalize Their Experience

If you have never experienced anything like what they are experiencing you will not be able to personally relate to their experience, but it’s helpful and freeing for them to know that they are not crazy, and that people have been, and are experiencing similar things. My wife and I meet with a group of similarly gifted people each week, and it’s been incredibly helpful. As we listen to each other’s experiences, we learn about the spiritual realm, we learn things we didn’t realise about our giftings, we grow in them, and we also have a group that we can be accountable to if what we are experiencing doesn’t sound like Jesus.

If possible, help seers find other people like them, so that they can normalise their experiences together. If that is not possible, there are hundreds of books you can point them towards to help them understand what they are experiencing, as well as numerous passages in the Bible that describe supernatural experiences that can help them understand their experience. Studying the lives of people such as William Branham, Maria Woodworth Etter, or St Teresa of Avila can also help them understand themselves.

The exciting truth is, even if you don’t experience the spiritual realm like these individuals do, you can not only pastor them and learn from their experiences, but you can begin to cultivate and experience those giftings for yourself in your own lives. A friend of mine recently said “The age of the mystics is over, it’s time for the Church to grow in mysticism.”

Following this blog post we’ve received messages asking for help with spiritual gifts. We recommend that you seek pastoral help within your own community as we cannot pastor individuals through this process without personal connection.

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    • Hi Lisa, we’re glad you found this helpful! Who you are is essential to the church! Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Laura,
      We wholeheartedly agree with you! We also believe that Christ in us is the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) and that He lives in us to transform the world (see Mark 16:15 and Romans 8:9). Blessings!

  1. I’m growing in prophetic giftings at my church and find Bethel to be a great resource on different giftings! Are there books that elaborate on what it means to be a mystic/be in awe of the mysticism? I’ve heard Steffany Gretzinger speak on a book she was reading but a title never mentioned. What is mysticism in the church? Would appreciate great book recommendations on this!


    • Hi Michael, these are great questions! I think this warrants a more in-depth answer than we can give on our blog, so please feel free to email us at and we would love to help you out with this! Blessings!

  2. Where can I find information to help me better understand the gift that GOD’s Holy spirit has blessed me with? I have asked GOD for help with this and I have been led here. I believe that it is Spiritual discernment.. possibly, but everything I have found on that gift doesn’t state hearing the demonic forces and their plans and feeling the presence of a demon when it is near and seeing their shadows..or seeing Angels and feeling the prescense and also hearing the voice of GOD’s Holy Spirit. I know that I am not losing my mind because I drop to my knees and pray to GOD about what I hear and his Holy Spirit rushes over me sending trickles through my body..I mean, you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and I pray that whoever reading this has. I am not comfortable speaking to my church about this because the head pastor has made it clear in a sermon that only Jesus can do this..before I became aware of this gift. I’m rather concerned that I may be driven out of the church with pitchforks if I ask due to a lack of understanding.

    • Hi! Thank you for reaching out to us. First, we appreciate your gift and pray that the Holy Spirit guides you on this journey. Second, we suggest reading a book called The Veil: An Invitation to the Unseen Realm by Blake Healy. This is a great resource for those who see into spiritual realms. We pray you find a community that can walk with you during this time!

    • Heyy Sarah, I’m glad to read this. We actually experienced the same thing! I’m just surprised that I’m not the only one, but now I’m currently studying the Angels and praying to God to bless me the spiritual gift of seeing Angels. I know someone who has been blessed by God’s gifts and she’s a Prophet. If you would like, you can freely talk with us your experiences and let’s both enhance the gifts that God blessed upon us. Let’s use it for his Glory!

      • I feel very happy to know I’m not alone. I went to church and I told the pastor about my experience he said I’m been attacked by demons. And started praying for me. God showed me a glimpse of hell I repented and gave my life to Christ I spoke tongues for the first time since then I can smell strange things and see demons in the corner of my eyes. When I walk into room or an area I’m able to sense some presence cause I will feel it over my body. I started questioning I’m I possessed and constantly having to deal with voice head . Making it hard to discern the Holy Spirit . Dreams so vivid and having visions of images that I can’t explain. I pray every day to God that these experience is from our father and to help me understand what I’m experiencing there were times where I through I’m going crazy and when I share it with someone it looks like they either scared or don’t wanna hear it . I saw gleaming amber figure that I didn’t even know until later I read in the bible the Holy Spirit appeared to me. I saw what looked like gleaming, amber-colored fire radiating from what appeared to be his waist upward. Ezekiel 1:12. And feeling the holy spirit presence is something I can’t even describe I feel blessed and honoured. I still haven’t found a church where I know I belong.

        • Pray, every day, meditate with God and the holy Spirit. I know it’s a lot to take in but sometimes we’re not ment to know the reason. Read the gospel, the book of John, James, Timothy, peter, Galatians. Pray and read! I’m in Experience with the exact same as you. Word for word

    • I have had the same gift it’s hard to tell anyone I prayed for it to go away it left me for some time came back was angles speaking to me telling me to keep away from doing some things that was not of God thought I was crazy it came back saw the demon side of it not a nice one no one believes u u the only one can here them and see them went for prayer moved away from there no experience from then good to now I am not alone I am from South Africa

    • Sarah I’m a minister and work in the gifts myself, there are 9 spiritual gifts that the Lord distributes to his believers. Through the power of the holy spirit this is possible. Study the book of acts, you need a church that believes and works in these gifts. If your pastor does not flow in the gifts of the spirit, then you will not grow in that church! You have this gift so that the Lord can use you for his glory. You would be welcome at my church. God bless you and lead you and guide you.

    • Hi, not sure what you are going through, but my son sees different kinds of demons and he says that he sees them going through our stuff, like my written rayer request and he says that they gather when I start praying and that they stare and don’t leave, bit I tell him that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Not sure what to think of this if is gift to know that they are every where and to pray.

    • Hi Tracy,
      We cannot answer that question for you. We suggest seeking out a pastor who knows you and whom you trust can guide you through this process. Blessings on your discovery for the more of the Lord!

      • Thank you for this! Since I was a child I’ve had people that have passed over visit me. Once a good friend of mine came to me while she was dying literally in the spiritual realm. I had a dream last night about children and told my significant other and he claims it’s demons and demonic. It infuriates me because he absolutely tells me I have no way of knowing and the Bible says this isn’t possible. Please any books or information to help understand would be greatly appreciated.

        • Hi,
          Thanks for reaching out. We suggest reading Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton. Praying that you can connect with someone who can help you through this journey.

  3. Ive been reading about your ministry and wish I could of taken advantage of what you seem to have understood opposed to what I was taught. Like speaking in tongues It was the working of the devil. Along with many other unscriptural doctrines. I was raised in a cult church from a child It’s a long story but what’s happening is my eyes were opened and we left and are adrift with no spiritual family. I’m looking for a family thank you for what your loving out reach. Please pray for us to get straitened out we all have supernatural experiences and gifting and want to be used by our Lord to help others to know Jesus.

  4. Hi, I’ve often felt this is a curse rather than a gift . Would love to share for someone like me to help me understand, I don’t know what God wants me to do with this ?

    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks for commenting! We suggest asking around your community to find someone local and Christ-centered who can mentor you in this area! Blessings!

      • I had a dream about 2 years ago where I could see people’s spirit rather than just the physical person. At that time, I kind of let it fall to the ground but I discovered that written dream again about 2 days ago and wondering what to make of it. Any ideas?

        • Hi,
          Thanks for reaching out. We suggest reading Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton. Praying that you can connect with someone who can help you through this journey.

    • It’s not a curse !! It’s a gift from God! I believe that God calls upon certain people . I believe I’m here to serve my purpose. I don’t know what it is but I will find out !! As long as I believe in God and do right ! It’s not bad ! You are not alone. I know the feeling . You don’t know who to talk to or you feel people might judge you . It’s different but you can use it for light ! You can help people! It’s not a curse ! Just ask God for your support and he will Guide you !! Amen

  5. Thank you for writing this article. It was God’s brilliant timing that I discovered it. I understand better why I don’t feel totally secure in sharing with my church community what HS is doing in me. Based on my experience, leadership is not too receptive to expressive movement in worship. And now HS has opened my eyes to seeing more into the spiritual realm. Thank you for sharing. I don’t feel so alone. In the meantime, I’m praying for a spiritual mentor who understands to come alongside to encourage and guide during this new process of stepping into the anointing.

    • Hi Tricia,

      Thanks for sharing! We are believing with you that you will find a Christ-centered mentor!

  6. Hello everybody.
    I have been seeing things since around the age of two or three. I see demons and angels. I am now twenty years old, and lately it’s been getting more powerful and overwhelming since I’ve been heavily pursuing Christ and learning how to fellowship with Holy Spirit. I want so badly to connect with other people that see and hear things they seemingly aren’t supposed to. . My fiancé thinks I could be crazy. Sometimes I even feel crazy myself, like I haven’t met anybody else that sees things to the extent I do. Sometimes I know things about people without even talking to them. It’s kinda crazy I guess. I could use some help learning how to use this, what it is, and how to cope. When I was little my parents thought I was demon possessed or something, and a pastor prayed for the gift to go away. Well it didn’t go away, it just started tormenting me and scaring me. I started seeing dark things, and hearing them speak. Is there a group of people that see and hear things? I need to know I’m not crazy.. I’ve been to multiple mental health professionals, and none of them think I’m schizophrenic. I just need somebody to talk to that knows what this is like. Everybody I try to talk to dismisses me as crazy, and doesn’t believe in demons / angels, or only believes in angels. It’s really weird, I don’t know. I’m just so happy to know there’s other people like me.. If anybody could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m at the point in my life where this is becoming a problem -in- my life, my relationships, my family, my church.. everything.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out, Catherine. You are not crazy and we are praying for you. We suggest reading Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton. Praying that you can connect with someone who can help you through this journey.

    • Your not crazy I hear and see demons and spirits I goal is stay focused on God and closer we get to Him once the demons know they can’t bother u they’ll leave u alone read The Bible out loud remember The devil is cunning he will try to manipulate u destract you and keep your focus away from God just keep pressing and ask God what His plans are for you I feel like we are important to Gods kingdom that’s why we get attacked so much . I can actually feel psychicalmental and emotional pain from the demons along with they’re voices and figures so just ask God what u want to know He will reveal it to you….Good luck God Bless

    • You are not crazy . Seems to me like you have a connection. Light a candle and pray . Believe in God ! That’s the most powerful spirit!! Don’t be afraid of them . You’re not crazy .

    • Catherine you need to pray that God will place you in a church that are flowing in the gifts, I’m an Assistant Pastor at River of Life Outreach Ministries. My Pastors wife has had this same gift since she was small. If your not in a church that believes in the 9 spiritual gifts then you are not going to learn how to control this gift and allow God to help you and use you! I pray that the Lord will place you where your help is.

  7. May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with all of you. As you walk on faith and discovering your callings on the earth realm. Shalom.

  8. I know some of you are seeking for people who you can interact with that has the same Spiritual Gifts as you do. I’m currently seeking for a higher level of gifts so I’m searching, learning, enhancing these gifts for the Glory of the Lord. Let me tell you something, don’t you ever shut down or erase your gifts. God gave it to you so you should use it for his Glory, no matter what kind of gift it is, seeing demons, seeing Angels, hearing things, provisions, healing, and more, just use it and enhance it. But if you don’t really want it, just pray to God and give it back to him so that he can give it to other people who needs it.

  9. I listen to multiple people involved with Bethel and love what they have to offer those seeking to be all they can be with Jesus. I’m so thankful to have come across this article. It is very refreshing to hear similar opinions voiced from a community that I allow to influence my life. With that being said, I am more of a feeler/ knower I believe is the best way to explain it. I desire to understand this part of me more. Are there any books or resources you can point me in the direction of? I have read the veil by Blake and LOVED it!

  10. I see markings on people , objects places
    The same markings those some have all others only a few
    It’s driving me nuts as my local church thinks I am under spiritual attack yet offer no help
    I’m in Vancouver Canada I’m lost as where to turn

    • Try Fraser Lands Alliance Church. There’s a prayer ministry that operates in some aspects of these giftings.

  11. Thank you it’s nice seeing things like this are available to educate and help those experiencing unexplainable things not feel so alone and lost.. I will say that anyone who has what everyone calls spiritual gifts will probably agree that those gifts come at a pretty hefty price and honestly at first it’s pretty much the most terrifying and broken a person can be throw in confusion, lonely ness, and the inability to share or talk about the things they are experiencing all these things happen in a blink of an eye and often leave a person broken and a stranger even to themselves.. its not a fun experience.. just saying and thank you again for helping others start to understand and except weirdos like me🤪