Offering Kingdom Building Electives in Your School

School Structure

Every year, BSSM offers a variety of electives, known as Advanced Ministry Training (ors “AMTs”) for its students. These classes are incredibly valuable to our students, as they are designed to expose students to a topic or area of ministry in which they would like further training. Each AMT runs for about seven weeks, with an hour and a half of class time each session. BSSM and Bethel staff who have experience and knowledge of the specific areas teach the classes, along with various guest lecturers. 

The material for each AMT is designed by the teacher, and is based on what they feel is vital for giving the students a good overview of their ministry area as well as specific keys for living out their field successfully. During this time, students gain wisdom and insight from revivalists as to how to live out their own destiny. If a specific area peaks their interest, there are other avenues that they can pursue to gain even further experience, such as ministry trips with the teacher or a third year internship with that ministry.

In First Year, students are only allowed to take one elective per trimester. This is because the students are still getting used to what life at BSSM is like, and we want them to have time and space to process everything the Lord is doing. In Second Year, students must take at least three electives per trimester, and at least one of those electives has to be a Bible class. This is because we do not have the space to teach as much Bible in main class as the First Year curriculum allows, but we absolutely believe that the Bible is foundational. It also gives students an opportunity to dive deeper into specific books or topics of the Bible that they wouldn’t be able to in main class, and with a smaller group of people for more focused learning. In Third Year, students  are again only required to take one elective, but are allowed to take more if their schedule permits. They only take one elective due to the hands-on experience they should be receiving from their mentor.

We break our electives into various overarching topics such as Creativity, Spiritual Development, Supernatural Ministry, Practical Ministry, Prayer and Worship, Spheres of Influence, Bible, and Personal Development. At the end of this post, we will highlight some of our  offered electives (listed as they would appear to our students) to hopefully inspire you to expand your offerings at your school! All of the highlighted AMTs are from BSSM First Year, with the exceptions of Bible electives and the Leading and Activating Others in the Supernatural AMT.

In BSSM Second Year we also offer year-long electives, called Tracks. These tracks are a deeper dive into certain topics and offer practical experience throughout the year. BSSM School Planting offers a track where the students have practical teaching as well as a required weekly lab time wherein the students build mock schools. 

Other tracks offered in Second Year include Heart and Mind Writing, Heaven in Business, Creativity, Youth Pastoring, Children’s Pastoring, Church Leadership, God and Government, and SOZO.

After reading through the examples below, we pray you are inspired to expand the teachings offered in your school. Find people around you who are anointed or gifted to teach specific subjects, and don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works! The kingdom is always expanding, and we’re here to help you grow!


Class: Writer’s Eye

Catalogue Description: In this AMT, we will produce short, personal writing pieces as we explore what writing with God looks like for each of us. A further aim is to develop our skills as writers even as we enjoy the Lord through this art. Both seasoned and emerging writers can find fresh inspiration through this AMT.

Spiritual Development

Class: Encountering the Father’s Love

Catalogue Description: This AMT is for those who have a longing for the love of God the Father to translate from head to heart. In this class you will discover who the Father really is and how much He truly loves you. When you encounter this kind of love, new levels of freedom are unlocked to realize exactly who you were created to be. Join this AMT to begin the journey of encountering the heart of the Father.

Supernatural Ministry

Class: Basic SOZO Training

Catalogue Description: Come join us for an intensive 2-day Basic Sozo training, Bethel’s inner healing and deliverance ministry. The goal of Sozo is to get to the root of lies and wounds in our lives that block our connections to Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and hold us back from walking in victory. In the Basic Training the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus and the Wall are tools that are taught. The tools you will learn will equip you to quickly minister to those in need and this basic training is a prerequisite for any future Sozo team development.

* The purchase of a Sozo Workbook ($15) is a required part of the intensive in order to follow along with the teaching.

**This AMT is only offered as a weekend intensive on January 11th and 12th from 9:00am-5:00pm. The weekend intensive may be taken in place of a Term 3 AMT. 

Practical Ministry

Class: Empowering Women in Ministry

Catalogue Description: There is currently an awakening in the Body of Christ for women to step up and embrace their callings and destinies. In this AMT you will hear the stories of various powerful women who have embraced who God has called them to be and who are doing more than they ever dreamed possible. In this class women’s voices will be unlocked, comparison and fear will be broken off and the power of walking out who you were truly called to be will be released. Come expecting to encounter the love of the Father, which is the launching pad into your destiny.

Prayer and Worship

Class: Spontaneous and Prophetic Worship

Catalogue Description: At the core of the Bethel Worship Culture is authentic raw praise flowing from the heart in spontaneous and prophetic moments. In this class we will cover topics ranging from directing a band in stewarding spontaneous moments on stage to finding your own prophetic voice. Progressively we will move towards developing prophetic choruses in the corporate spontaneous setting. Open to all students, but is geared toward worship leaders. Guest Speakers will include Bethel Church worship leaders. 

Spheres of Influence

Class: Marketplace Prophetic

Catalogue Description: This AMT will equip students to move/function/live as supernaturally natural prophetic people in the marketplace, partnering with God to see cities and nations transformed. Touching the heart of the city (the marketplace) by bringing words of life, heaven’s solutions, and shifting environments. We will discover what it looks like to be an influence in the workplace as a prophetic person. This class is highly interactive and practical with open discussions, testimonies, and activations. If you’re wanting to be an influence in your workplace, while partnering with God at the same time, this AMT is for you. 

Personal Development

Class: Loving Yourself Well

Catalogue Description: Jesus taught us to love God, to love others, and to love ourselves. As the title indicates, this class focuses on learning to love ourselves into a place of emotional and Spiritual health. 


Class: The Book of Joshua – Transition, Occupation and Establishment in the Kingdom

Catalogue Description: “So Joshua took the whole land, according to all that the LORD had said to Moses; and Joshua gave it as an inheritance to Israel….. Then the land rested from war.” (Jos 11:23)

Joshua is a book of transition. After being trained through their wilderness experience, the Israelite people were ready, it was time to invade, conquer and possess the Promised Land. How did they do it? This Old Testament journey typifies our own personal pilgrimage from wandering in the desert to occupation and establishment in a place promised to us. As we learn from the leadership of Joshua, as we see the challenges he faced and the faithfulness and obedience required of him, we will find keys to lead ourselves and those around us into the same stability and victory God has for us.

Class: Romans – Living in God’s Righteousness

Catalogue Description: The book of Romans carries some of the most powerful revelation on the believer’s righteousness in Christ. This class will help you to live a victorious and joyful life; one that is free from guilt and shame. We’ll focus on Romans chapter 1 through 8 and also look at the remaining chapters and their overall contribution to this amazing epistle. Martin Luther called Romans, “The chief book of the New Testament….It deserves to be known by heart, word for word, by every Christian.”

Class: The Book of Revelation

Catalogue Description: The Book of Revelation is perhaps the most hotly debated book in the Bible. For most of us the pictures and images of dragons, beasts and world catastrophes are so confusing that we abandon the book all together. But what if we had some clues to help us understand all of the craziness? In this class we will attempt to interpret Revelation using the Bible itself as our guidebook (mostly the Old Testament). Our goal is to discover the meaning for First Century believers, as well as an application of the book for us today. Join us in a study of Revelation that’s filled with hope and victory!

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  1. Interest in several of the AMT’s
    Is there a Summer school or 3rd yr Internship!?
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