Resourcing School Leaders


Equip a company of revivalists! BSSM Equip, the School Planting Network, and other resources are designed to help you take your school to the next level.

BSSM Online Video Curriculum

You can now access all of our BSSM videos online! BSSM Equip is our online platform designed to give access to an extensive library of BSSM Curriculum, through streaming video and audio, including First Year, Second Year, electives, and continually added new content!

On-demand and comprehensive training resources for school leaders on pastoring, building culture, school structure, practical forms and more.

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BSSM Video Curriculum

Train revivalists using transforming messages from BSSM. Drawing from First and Second Year speakers, your students will receive powerful teaching, impartation, and activation on a variety of topics including revival culture, leadership, healing, prophecy, Bible, and more!

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School Planting Blog

Discover ideas, tips, and resources that will help you build your school. Our blog posts will help you develop your school culture, leadership, and structure. Also, be sure to read School Stories, testimonies from schools all over the world.

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