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A few weeks ago, we had the great honor of hosting BSSM’s Director, Kris Vallotton, on our monthly School Leaders Revival Chat. During this time, Kris shared from his experience of leading BSSM since 1991. In this post, we wanted to highlight two pieces of wisdom from Kris that we believe will benefit you as you continue to lead and develop your supernatural school!

1. How do you create a risk-taking culture?

An important takeaway from this Revival Chat was Kris’ insight on how to practically cultivate a school culture that values risk-taking. A key to creating such a culture is giving students permission to fail when they take a risk. As Kris shared, we must learn how to fail well by using failure as an opportunity to grow. School leaders can help students learn this truth by removing shame and fear of failure from a school environment. Then, students will be able to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and continue to grow

For example, at BSSM, we often ask students to partner up with someone near them and ask them to get a word of knowledge for that person, such as his or her birthday. After a few moments of letting the students practice this prophetic exercise, a school leader will tell the class, “Okay, now raise your hand if you got that wrong.” Several hands are raised; not everyone got their partner’s birthday right! A school leader will then take this opportunity to communicate that it’s okay that students didn’t get it right and encourage them to continue to lean into Holy Spirit’s voice. This activation also supports students to move forward and take more risks, without the heavy burden of performance.

As school leaders, another important key to fostering a school environment that is free from fear is to practice vulnerability amongst your students. It is important to share both your victories as well as your failures with students, deconstructing the illusion that leaders are those who have it all together or always get it right. When they hear you share about your process of learning from your mistakes and living free from shame, they will in turn learn how to be successful in their own growth journeys.

2. How do you build a solid leadership team?

Kris also shared some great wisdom about how to build a solid leadership team. One of the most important aspects of developing a leadership team is to draw people onto your team that share your core values. As an example, Kris talked about how he would not bring someone onto his team who has a core value that “We are sinners.” He acknowledges that the difference between the core value of “We are sinners” and the core value of “We are saints” will lead to two drastically different approaches to ministry, regardless of a person’s anointing or gifting. This distinction could lead to division and hardship in a leadership team. Therefore, it’s crucial that the men and women on your leadership team embrace the same core values.

We encourage you to create time and space to get to know the people you are potentially bringing onto your team. It doesn’t happen overnight and so be patient in the process of discovering what core values they draw from as a lifestyle. Also, great relational chemistry with someone does not guarantee that his or her core values are the same as yours. We recommend making the extra effort to discover what type of fruit is cultivated through an individual’s life and if you can develop a relationship full of trust with him or her. As a result, you will cultivate unity and strength within your leadership team that will prosper your school!


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