The True Seed of Revival

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In today’s post, Graeme Morris, a graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, shares powerful insight about how revival grows when a school is planted within a community that is already pulling on heaven. Drawing from years of experience planting schools and churches in several nations, Graeme shares specific keys that will help you recognize hungry ones that are ready to experience the more of God through a supernatural school of ministry (SSM).

As you read this post, we pray you would receive wisdom to build a school around what Graeme calls, “the true seed of revival,” empowering believers to release heaven to earth!

The Role of SSMs

Many people often see a SSM as a ticket for creating revival in their communities. While it is true that schools often energize revival, we must be careful not to associate the school as the cause of revival. In my passion for world revival, I have made this mistake too often.

Unfortunately, people sometimes want a SSM because they think it will bring revival, and they want revival because they think it can grow their church. If we want to partner with heaven to release revival within a community, we must ask ourselves, “What is the true seed of revival?”

At the root of revival is a personal, hungry cry for heaven to invade earth. Hungry people pulling on heaven is the spark to light a revival flame. Even though a SSM can inspire someone to pull on heaven, it is actually a catalyst for revival, not a first ingredient. In fact, a school is a catalyst to the revival that has already been birthed in an individual’s heart.

I once heard Sheri Silk, a senior leader at Jesus Culture, say that, “Supernatural schools enhance or ignite revival culture that already exists. They don’t create it.” The role of a supernatural school then is to blow on the embers of revival and to enhance, encourage, and build up the body. SSMs are meant to come under and serve a community in their hunger for revival by amplifying and promoting kingdom culture in the community.

Recognize the Seed of Revival

Few people in history were miraculously pulled into revivals unknowingly. Most were on their knees calling out in desperation for heaven to invade their world. Think of Evan Roberts, John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Wigglesworth, and others. Either by tragedy or conviction, most were convinced that if God is who He said He is, then surely there must be more of Him than we have experienced. A cry for a greater experience of God is the seed of revival. From this seed, the fullness of revival comes forth like a tree trunk. We then become more and more convinced that not only is God who He says He is, but we are who He said we are, and can do what He said we can do.

An individual’s hunger for revival is a lightening rod in their communities as they continue to pull heaven down. It doesn’t take long in this contagious atmosphere for hope and faith to branch out into the community, birthing revival. A community experiencing the goodness of God naturally feels compelled to give it away. A revival grows in strength when it becomes missional, going outside the church, and spreading around the world.

Find Hungry Ones

The first school my wife and I planted was in Nicaragua. We went to Nicaragua because God supernaturally called us. Without a plan and without a people, we went, we served, and then I found him. I found a man whose one resolve was to please his Father. With tears in his eyes, he would often say, “All I want is to make Him happy.” I met this man at a conference and didn’t know who he was or what church he represented. He initially asked me a question about revival and I answered to the best of my ability. We spent a bit of time together and the Holy Spirit deeply connected us. I was attracted to his heart for God and longed to give him more of my life and strength.

At the end of the conference, the man asked my wife and I to come do a school for his leaders. When we arrived for our first class, I laid out the circumstances and reasons that led us to them and how they were a fulfillment of a prophetic call we had been praying about for three years. I was fighting back the tears when they began to cry as they told me that they had been praying for five years for this type of education. There is nothing like finding people pulling on heaven where you can nest a supernatural school that blows on the embers of revival in their hearts.

Within five years after this school started, that pastor grew his congregation into multiple congregations. Ultimately, he was promoted to be the leader of the denomination and the biggest church in Managua, but not because we planted a school. He had already been growing in favor and influence before the school ever started, and so I am convinced he would have grown in that favor with or without us. His favor and the local and global influence of the church members have grown exponentially.

The church’s favor came because of their surrendered hearts to God. Hunger will move heaven and earth. All the school did was act as food for the hungry: equipping, empowering, and activating students. There are many miraculous stories that came out of that school: supernatural healing, signs and wonders, and revelation that birthed ministries and propelled people into their destinies. But they all pale in comparison to what I learned about school planting and the role of a SSM.

So outside of a divine call from God telling you to go somewhere or serve someone specific, I want to encourage you to not only pull on heaven yourself, but when thinking about school planting, find those already making a demand on heaven with all their might. Find those that already possess the irreplaceable, sincere hunger for more of God, who would eventually birth revival with or without a school. Seek them out and lend your strength, vision, and training to them as they pull heaven into their communities and ultimately the world.


More about Graeme Morris

Graeme and his wife, Christina, are school and church planters currently living in Kelowna, Canada. While attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), Graeme had a vision to plant eight schools of supernatural ministry in eight different countries. Since their time at BSSM, they have planted five schools in four countries over the course of five years. They are currently planting a church in Kelowna to create a dwelling place for God and man. Graeme regularly preaches on revival, imparts kingdom culture, and creates opportunities for others to encounter God in all His goodness. He is also an itinerant speaker that focuses upon supporting Christians to develop a healthy sexuality and helping couples find freedom to love each other well.


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  1. Thank you so much for the sharing. My heart cry for many years has been to experience God’s power saving his people in masses.
    I am convinced that Bethe l School is a place to go.
    I am a pastor of a small church in Nairobi Kenya and would like to experience the training that leads to revival
    Kindly advise

  2. In Sohth Africa do we have such school? I am very much passionate about doing Gods work but need to be trained. I am unable financially to attend overseas school but can manage the local one.
    Can you also advise if there is online study or distance learning.

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