Renew Your Vision for Cultural Transformation


As royal heirs of God, we have the great privilege of walking as influencers in the darkest places upon the earth! Indeed, it is our destiny to “arise” and “shine” everywhere we go (Isaiah 60:1)! The Bible says that as the glory of God rises upon us, the nations will be drawn to our light and kings will be drawn to the “brightness of [our] rising” (Isaiah 60:2-3, NASB). 

To empower the Body of Christ to truly become the light of the world, God is using schools of supernatural ministry to raise up world-class leaders who will transform culture in every realm of society.  These schools are the training grounds for men and women to learn how to access the heavenly realm, shift difficult circumstances, and brings solutions to the problems our world faces.

As a leader of a school that is raising up world-changers, we want to remind you that you have a vital role! Your willingness to say “yes” is changing the course of history. We know this task is not always easy, but remember, the fruit is everlasting! 

We pray today that your school would be infiltrated by the Spirit of the Living God; that wisdom, intelligence, visions, and dreams would be released to your students. We pray that your heart would remember His promises to transform your church, your city, or even your nation through the school you have planted.

May you never grow weary or lose heart during this new school year; you shall reap a harvest in due season (Galatians 6:9)! And may you be renewed with great passion and courage to lead and champion the students God has entrusted to you.

To be refreshed with vision for this year, we encourage you to take some time and watch this clip from Kris Vallotton’s teaching on cultural transformation. We pray that hope and faith would arise in you to believe that God is going to raise up true cultural transformers through your school!



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