6 Prophetic Words for Schools for 2020

School Culture

As we enter into the new year, we wanted to bless you with new insight and prophetic vision! We encourage you to sit down with your teams and read through these words together, pray into them, and create declarations for your year. Spend time praying and prophesying over each other, your team, the leadership over you, and your students. We are believing this is the year of signs, wonders, and miracles for you and your students!

Below are some prophetic words from our team to yours. We pray they bless you in this season!

Emily, one of our third years from the Netherlands, says, 

“I see a new boldness come on schools like never before. I see students marching around with heads like lions and waves of courage rise up in the corporate. There’s something that rises up from the deep places within each student as they decide to go after the miraculous and to take risk together. I see the anointing for signs and miracles land on these groups of bold lions corporately and the miraculous break out in greater measures. So I bless your students and schools in taking risks, I bless this new boldness landing on you and I bless the new anointing of the miraculous coming upon you!”

Adrianna, one of our School Planting staff, says,

This is going to be a year of signs, wonders, and miracles. Your school will be marked with the visible presence of God, and people will be drawn to you because of Who you serve. Allow these signs and wonders to break out, do not be afraid of His weighty presence. Allow Him to break out of the boxes you have put Him in. When you hit a wall, keep pressing on.

Do not be satisfied with partial answers, keep pressing into Him for the full answer and fulfillment of joy.

Dare to take a risk and ask for big things this year. 

Remember, John tells us that “the world itself could not contain the books that would be written” about everything Jesus did, and Jesus Himself told us we would do greater works than He did. Take risks and step into the greater wonder of Who He is!

Clara, one of our third years from the Denmark, says, 

Just like we’ve been experiencing here in Redding, I believe God is awakening the hearts of his church body all over the world. I believe you will start experiencing new strength coming from the local churches to you as their hearts are awakened and filled with faith. I also feel it is a year of acceleration where personal and corporate goals will be achieved faster and easier than anticipated. 

Irene, one of our third years from Germany, says,

2020 is going to be the year of seeing the fruits of your labor and hard work of the past years. I see that the Lord is bringing forth new trees, as he makes them grow on top of your sacrifices. I see the lid of supernatural signs and wonders taken off and you’ll see an exceptional amount of miracles around you. It’s a year of being in awe and wonder of who God is and what He is able to do. It’s a year of impossibilities becoming possible! Bless you with more of God’s presence!

Rachel, our Executive Assistant, says,

“The word is ‘new growth.’ Schools are going to see growth in new and different areas than they’ve seen in the past. It’s also going to be a season of exponential growth; not necessarily in numbers, but in influence and impact.”

Cassy, one of our Project Managers, says,

“2020, the year of breakthrough! I believe this year will be deeply marked by presence and connection. God will be revered in deep, intimate ways and unlock new realms of healing (Malachi 4:2-3). I see schools of supernatural ministry being known for deep adoration for Jesus and going after His presence in community and unity. There will be tons of miracles, signs and wonders that flow from and through the students of these schools. Communities will feel the massive impact of your hunger for Jesus. 

I believe the Lord is building bridges between schools and linking school leaders together to go after the more of God! There’s a refreshing coming over school leaders and a fresh outpouring of His Spirit; this will come in waves and go from coast to coast to coast. 

We bless you, your schools and your students to receive breakthrough after breakthrough in 2020! You are leading those who will forever change the world in a season where there’s tons of grace to go after more of Jesus and the things He has called us to do (Matthew 10:8 – heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons). You will see signs and wonders that point the world back to the miracle worker. We love you!!”

School leaders, we bless you this year to take new risks, to spend uncomfortable amounts of time in His presence, and to make Him famous throughout your land!

2 responses to “6 Prophetic Words for Schools for 2020”

  1. The word God gave me for 2020 was Miracles and your words just made electricity light up and illuminate my spirit… so expectant for the power that is flowing through this years hearts and prayers ❤️???? There is such revelation and faith and intimacy that is coming with every testimony of every miracle!!! Wow. Thank you so much for sharing- one in spirit and heart Cindy Kintner