The Role of a School Planter: Know Your Place

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Today, we are excited to hear from Graeme Morris, a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), about the importance of being a school planter who leads through honor. Drawing from years of experience planting supernatural schools of ministry, Graeme shares wisdom and leadership keys on how to be a school planter that operates from a place of honor, expanding the influence of the kingdom in the lives of individuals and entire communities.

As you read this post, may the Lord reveal to you what it looks like to powerfully lead and extravagantly love those He has entrusted to you! 

Lead Through Honor

The role of a supernatural school of ministry (SSM) is to blow on the embers of revival already in a community (as discussed in The True Seed of Revival). SSMs are seldom standalone organizations. They are not meant to provide kingdom culture, but should enhance and advance such culture that already exists amongst a group of believers. It is imperative then that school planters find hungry ones who demonstrate revival culture, and honor them through humble service and loyal support.

As school planters, we must honor existing leaders by adding our strength to them as they carry the weight of leadership for their communities. It’s equally important to adjust our models to serve each unique community we encounter. If we want the school we plant to survive beyond us, we ought to implement a sustainable structure that they are willing and able to maintain from generation to generation. This posture of honor will help us plant schools successfully.

Lead Through Service

School planting is a form of serving. If you feel called to plant a school, it should be planted for a community that chooses and appoints you on their behalf. They will “send you,” so to speak. Therefore, we need to know our place as planters. We are not called to serve an ideal, or a message, or even a revolution. We are called to a life of serving His people. Your place is to honor those who have given you authority by serving them with your strengths, pulling heaven to earth, and making the impossible possible. Serving has nothing to do with being a doormat anymore than leading has to do with dominating or enforcing a standard. You can lead by serving and setting a kingdom standard.

Lead Through Sacrifice

Jesus led by laying His life down for those who followed Him and the whole world. We are called to follow His example. The role of a school planter is to spend your life lifting others up, and create opportunity, access, and resources for them to step into their unique gifts, callings, and anointing.

I heard Bill Johnson say, “You are only as powerful as you are rightly related to the body [of Christ].” I have found that school planting works best when it is rightly related to the body. If school planting is your calling, it is for the purposes of edifying, encouraging, and equipping believers. This calling will compliment a love you already posses for His people.

Seldom do I find effective leaders in school planting who believe they need  to “fix” a bad church with a school. In fact, our ministry roles should come from a place of love for believers and the church. I postulate that if we don’t love the church, we will be less effective and less fruitful. Ultimately, we miss the true purpose of our calling. 

As a school leader, know your place so that you can fulfill your destiny to lift others up. Create opportunity, access, and resources for others to experience the kingdom of God and become all that God has called them to be.

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More about Graeme Morris

Graeme and his wife, Christina, are school and church planters currently living in Kelowna, Canada. While attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), Graeme had a vision to plant eight schools of supernatural ministry in eight different countries. Since their time at BSSM, they have planted five schools in four countries over the course of five years. They are currently planting a church in Kelowna to create a dwelling place for God and man. Graeme regularly preaches on revival, imparts kingdom culture, and creates opportunities for others to encounter God in all His goodness. He is also an itinerant speaker that focuses upon supporting Christians to develop a healthy sexuality and helping couples find freedom to love each other well.


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  1. Wow today I woke up with this feeling of how can I serve my country the dominican republic, and I just read this post and blessed my life.
    Graenme and Cristina that will be a blessing to our country if you come and plant a school of ministry. We have many promises from God and I know this the rigth moment for God to fill my nation.

    My name is pahola martinez from dominican republic.

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