4 Questions to Help You Stay Connected to God’s Presence

School Leadership

As school leaders, it is easy to become distracted or overwhelmed by the responsibilities and challenges that are presented before us everyday. Whether we are confronted with a relational issue, an administrative problem, or a leadership struggle, we can begin to feel disconnected from God’s presence. However, the truth is we are never disconnected from Him. In every circumstance, we can abide in Him and thrive!

Amidst the busyness of school life, God promises to never leave or forsake us. His presence is always with us, always pursuing us. The fact that we get to daily partner with Jesus creates a way for us to live victoriously in every season. Our job is to simply become aware of His nearness and commune with Him.

Today, we want to give you a few questions to ask yourself that will help you stay connected to the presence. We bless you as you engage your heart with these questions and declare His truth over your life and school community. May this school year be full of rich connection to God’s presence!

1. What Are You Thinking?

Do you ever think about what you think about? Our thoughts are so important because they affect the environment inside of us and all around us. When our thoughts are aligned with truth, we invite heaven to come into our lives and establish peace and joy everywhere we go. On the contrary, the demonic realm is attracted to thoughts that agree with fear.

As school leaders, it is vitally important to become aware of your thoughts and meditate on truth. Truth automatically connects us to God’s presence because God is truth. Even if it’s just one phrase or verse, keep a truth before you that your mind can feast on and watch as your awareness of Him grows.

2. What Are You Doing?

Have you ever looked back on a day of your life and thought, “What did I do today?” When life gets busy, it is easy to go into autopilot mode. We start to act without thinking as life becomes increasingly demanding.

A daily goal worth pursuing is to remain present as you interact with others and find opportunities to serve and love. Heidi Baker says it best, “Stop for the one.” This simple phrase will help you slow down internally and allow you to engage with each person you encounter. Being present with yourself and others causes you to become present with God, making you keenly aware of how heaven is wanting to invade your daily life.

3. What Are You Praying?

As a follower of Jesus, prayer is not an option! Prayer keeps us intimately connected to God’s presence because it reminds us that we actually have a living, breathing relationship with Jesus. Like all relationships, we grow in intimacy with Him through spending time in His presence and expressing our devotion.

The key to sustainable living is prayer that involves an exchange. Too often, we can pray about things in a way that simply causes us to dwell on negativity. Rather, we must actively give God our concerns and receive His joy and truth in their place. This exchange is vital for prayer to actually be a fuel that keeps us thriving in life.

So what are you praying? What are you talking to the Father about? We encourage you to create time in your daily schedule to commune with Him.

4. What Are You Saying?

Declarations are so powerful! The Bible says the tongue has the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). As school leaders, we get to use our words in the form of declarations that anchor us in truth and keep us connected to God’s presence. We get to declare life in every circumstance we encounter!

What are the words you’re declaring? What are you speaking over yourself? Over your school? As you intentionally declare truth, you will see great fruit in your life and the environment around you.

More Resources

Steve Backlund has a fantastic resource called “Tips for Making 100+ Declarations a Day.” We invite you to check out this free resources and go on the journey of making declarations a normal part of your daily life.

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