Raising Up Sons & Daughters in Round Rock, TX

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The kingdom of God is not meant to remain inside a church or school, but is purposed to fit inside every nook and corner of the earth. As school leaders, you have the privilege of raising up sons and daughters to take the kingdom beyond the walls of your school.

To encourage you in this great task, we want to share the story of one school that is seeing incredible fruit produced through the lives of their students: Austin School of Supernatural Ministry (AuSSM). Located in Round Rock, Texas, AuSSM has developed a thriving community that is supporting believers to step into their destinies and expand the kingdom!

We invited the directors of AuSSM, Richard and Sylvia Neusch, to share the wisdom and insight they have received while training revivalists through their school. After leading their church for several years, they were hungry to see a greater culture of revival and decided to start a school. The school has activated their church community in greater levels of the supernatural as they encounter the truth of their royal identities. As you read their story, may you be inspired to continue to raise up powerful sons and daughters who reveal the King and His kingdom!

Transformation within & beyond

Launching AuSSM six years ago has been one of the most impacting things we have done for our church community. Our church’s mission is to equip and send out passionate revivalists who bring about worldwide transformation by releasing the kingdom of God as a lifestyle. We have a desire to impact our city, nation, and the world with believers who have caught the fire of revival and carry it into every walk of life. Through AuSSM, we are able to stir up and impart this fire as those who attend discover their God-ordained destinies, which includes miracles, signs, and wonders. We also love seeing how AuSSM influences our church culture. The students’ hunger and enthusiasm spread throughout the entire congregation.

Revelation and teaching students receive releases transformation in them and empowers them to release breakthrough to others. Students are taking what they’ve learned in class and cultivate a kingdom lifestyle. We’ve received testimonies of transformation in the workplace, in schools, and in families. We trust and believe that God will continue to impact the world through our students. Here is one of many testimonies from an AuSSM graduate, Rebecca, whose life was transformed through school:

“God used AuSSM to change my life and the lives of those around me. Learning about identity and honor have shaken me to the core, and that’s a good thing. Kingdom truths have become heart knowledge instead of just vague head knowledge. I am so excited to see what God has planned for me next as I learn to live a naturally supernatural life.”

Marrying Grace & Structure

Our role as the mom and pop in our school has contributed to the long-term success of AuSSM. It is our joy to build relationships with students. Our interaction with them causes them to feel loved and connected; it develops a strong sense of trust. It also causes them to press in and engage in class. As we promote an atmosphere where everyone feels accepted and it is impossible to fail, walls come down, and students learn they can be vulnerable. They know they will be loved and encouraged in their journey of healing and growth.

Our strong value for connection starts with the application process. We take time to read over each application so that we are better aware of where our students are at spiritually when they first start school. This gives us insight into how to best support each one as they develop a supernatural lifestyle.

We make it our goal to always marry grace and structure at AuSSM. We know that we can extend grace to students without compromising the structure of our program. For example, our homework deadlines have been adjusted over the years, including the implementation of quarterly deadlines. These deadlines have set healthy expectations and boundaries that call students to succeed. They also allow students to know ahead of time when assignments are due so that they can plan ahead, manage themselves, and successfully complete their work. We believe this is an important part of their growth.

There are times when students may not be able to meet homework requirements in a timely manner because they are having problems at home, school, or work. We give grace to students with deadlines by working with each individually. This approach helps us to address students who miss deadlines and to maintain the balance of grace and fulfilling requirements. It’s been an ongoing learning experience for us. We are thankful that we are now seeing new levels of success from our students.

Overcoming Challenges as a Part-Time School

AuSSM is a part-time school. We have experienced some challenges trying to fit everything we want to do into our schedule, including outreach. We want to see our students take the kingdom outside the church walls. However, our times together as a school are mostly filled with teaching and revival group.

To incorporate outreach activities, it is our goal to have each revival group complete one outreach together as a group. We also teach and encourage our students to develop a lifestyle of outreach. Our students have coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family members who need to encounter the love of God. Each week after worship, we create space for students to share testimonies of how they are taking the kingdom into their sphere of influence. We enjoy celebrating these victories with one another! There has been trial and error over the years, but we feel that we’ve found a way to provide outreach opportunities for our students in a way that works with our part-time schedule.

We believe there is grace for discovering the method and rhythm of scheduling that works best for your school. Each year is an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop your program to better serve your students. You will make mistakes and experience growing pains. Remember that each experience can help shape your school environment for the better.

Strength in Relationship

We have built great relationships with the other church pastors and their congregations, and we have even participated in city activities together. The AuSSM student body is a testament to the strength of relationship and partnership amongst local churches in Round Rock. One of our students shared about the tremendous impact of the relationships she formed through AuSSM:

“From day one, AuSSM has been like a springboard, launching me into a season of tremendous growth. I have enjoyed the speakers who have poured into my life whether through the DVDs or one of the conferences at True Life (church connected to the school). I have enjoyed the friendships that have formed through AuSSM and I am so thankful for a community of like-minded believers to fellowship with.”

The churches in Round Rock partnered together last year for an event called, “Love the Rock.” It was a day where volunteers from churches all over the city spent a Saturday loving the city through acts of service. Through these relationships and connections, we’ve begun to see effects of citywide transformation. Sons and daughters are being released into the world from AuSSM and are impacting churches, businesses, and other spheres in the city of Round Rock and beyond.

We believe God is faithful in His partnership with His children and we will continue to see the kingdom released on earth as it is in heaven. As you lead your students, we pray you that you would enjoy the experience of supporting them as they discover their royal identities! We pray that you would know the great value of being a spiritual father or mother in their lives.

Richard and Sylvia Neusch are the Senior Leaders of True Life Fellowship in Round Rock, Texas. Richard and Sylvia are also the Cofounders of the Austin School of Supernatural Ministry (AuSSM) that began in 2010. They serve as Regional Directors in central Texas for Sozo Ministry. Richard is a gifted communicator with a passion for the kingdom and a desire to impart the Father’s heart through his life and ministry. Sylvia is a prophetic voice to their church body and author of the soon to be released book, Rags to Royalty. Richard and Sylvia desire to see God move powerfully through revival in the churches, cities, and nations of the world. They have a passion to see spiritual orphans step into their true identities as royal sons and daughters of the King.

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  1. What is your relationship with with BSSM in Redding, CA, if any?

  2. I thinking of relocating my family from long island New York, i would like some recommendations around where your school is located

    • Hi Jose,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry does not have other locations other than Redding, CA. There are schools around the world that use the BSSM curriculum, and you can find them on our map of schools. If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at schoolplanting@bethel.com. Blessings!