Draw from the Gift of a Pastor

School Planting Roadmap

One of the greatest gifts students can receive from a school of supernatural ministry is to be powerfully loved and supported as they step into the fullness of their destinies! We believe this starts with pastors, those who live with a passion to champion students as sons and daughters of God. Pastors are marked by their ability to shepherd students’ hearts, create a sense of belonging, and lead them into connection with God and others.

While preparing for the launch of your school, we encourage you to tap into the anointing and gift of pastoral leaders! Strategically placing pastors in your school will allow your students to be cared for and supported as they go on the journey of experiencing the freedom, power, and love of the Holy Spirit. We believe taking this step will bring lasting transformation to your students’ lives!

As you continue to read, may you receive greater vision to empower pastors in your school. Doing so will create a life-changing, family-oriented environment for your students that will draw them into their destiny as revivalists.

The Gift of a Pastor in a School  

In a school environment, pastors create an atmosphere that ignites personal transformation! They are effective community builders and catalysts in a school. They are also connectors who carry a powerful revelation of God’s love and create a place of acceptance and belonging. While pastors care for believers on an individual level, they also equip them to love and care for one another, teaching the Body of Christ to walk as a united family.

In a school environment, pastors look after the hearts of students through encouragement and loving correction. They are also leaders who empower and activate students to walk in greater measures of risk-taking! Whether it is helping students practice vulnerability in relationships or activating spiritual gifts, pastors provide a safe place for students to dramatically grow.

Pastors Cultivate Family

Students experience the greatest levels of transformation when they feel like they are connected in a safe, family unit and are covered by their leaders. To develop a sense of trust and security for your students, we recommend having pastors offer support through one-on-one mentorship as well as connection groups (e.g. Small Groups, Revival Groups, Home Groups, etc.).

Under the leadership of pastors, connection groups can create a place for students to be known, take risks, and apply what they are learning in school. They also provide opportunities for leaders to share and impart personal breakthroughs to support students’ relational and spiritual growth.

As you continue to plan for the launch of your school, we encourage you to dream of ways your students can experience rich community and activation through connection groups. To learn more about connection groups, check out the resources below.


Learn more about connection groups by reading 3 Ways to Develop Community in Your School (linked below). Also, take some time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to highlight the leaders who carry an anointing to pastor, and could lead times of connection and activation in your school.


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