7 Ways You Can Impact Your City

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One of the greatest ways you can demonstrate the kingdom is to serve! As the “salt” of the earth, you can add “flavor” or enhance the environment around you by serving both the physical and spiritual needs of others (Matthew 5:13). In this way, people around you  will begin to discover the King who is in pursuit of their hearts!

We  encourage you to discover how your school can love and serve your city. God longs to reveal His love and power through your acts of kindness! In fact, He desires to grow the span of your influence in your city, that His goodness would be revealed.

The Power of City Service

Our team is often asked how our BSSM community has built relationships in our city, many of which have led to outreach opportunities in schools and businesses. Our influence has grown in Redding, CA as we have served the places of need. We have even developed a program called City Projects that organizes groups of BSSM staff and students to participate in cleanup and landscaping projects throughout our city.

These projects have communicated to our city’s leaders and citizens that we value them; we are here to serve! As a result, bridges of trust have been built. Many in our city understand that our agenda is to love and bless, which has led to greater invitations to share and impart the kingdom.

We also use City Projects to develop servant-leaders! At BSSM, we teach our students that greatness looks like becoming a servant of all (Mark 9:35). We encourage them to not just “say” that they love their neighbors, but to demonstrate that love (1 John 3:18).

City Projects also teaches our students how to to marry the practical and the supernatural together. We encourage them to invite the Holy Spirit to move as they rake leaves, pull weeds, or pick up trash. In fact, there have been numerous opportunities for our students to minister to people passing by who are encouraged by positive attitudes and hard work!

Many of our students have learned through these experiences that God is always ready to demonstrate His goodness, even in the middle of hard labor. It’s just a matter of becoming aware of His presence.

Don’t Wait, Take Action

As you think about ways you can serve your city, remember, the ultimate goal is to love. Demonstrating the heart of our King is what expands His kingdom! Know that God is ready to open doors, provide resources, and release strategies to you. So, what does love look like in your city? How can you begin to practically and powerfully serve?

Here are seven ideas to help you get started:

  1. City Cleanup: Hit the streets with a group to do a city cleanup! Take gloves, trash bags, brooms, and any other tools you need to pick up trash or pull weeds along streets, parks, or areas that are highlighted to you. As you beautify your city, ask the Lord for declarations to release over each place you visit. He wants to shift atmospheres through you!
  2. Window Washing: Bless local businesses in your city by offering free window washing services. As you serve storefronts, offices, or restaurants, ask the Holy Spirit for a word of encouragement to share with the managers or workers you meet.
  3. Car Wash: Rent a space from a local gas station or business to provide free car washes to individuals in your city. Go the extra mile and offer water and snacks to those who are waiting for their cars to be finished. This could lead to opportunities to connect and share Gospel!
  4. Tutoring: Start an afternoon program at a local school or coffee shop that offers tutoring services for children and teenagers. You could also provide lessons or training for special interests such as sports, music, theater, etc. This is a great way to disciple the youth in your city!
  5. Clothing Drive: Invite those in your community to donate clothing and shoes. Organize items by size and gender, and then invite low income families and the homeless to choose items to take home with them. You can also set up a haircut station to bless these individuals with a new look that instills a sense of confidence and love!
  6. Backpack Giveaway: Gather donations to purchase new backpacks and school supplies for students. Pass out tickets to low income families (one per student) to receive backpacks before the start of the school year. You could even host a backpack giveaway event full of activities, food, and prizes for families. The event could also provide to get to know individuals and share the love of Jesus with them!
  7. Holiday Feast: Host a holiday feast for low income families and the homeless in your city. Make your guests feel like kings and queens by providing a delicious meal, setting out decorations, providing entertainment, and sharing gifts. As you sit with them and hear their stories, ask the Holy Spirit for ways to encourage them, pray for any physical needs, and share the Gospel.

We pray that the favor of God would rest upon you and your school as you go out and love your city. As you see individuals experience His goodness, we invite you to share your testimonies with us on our BSSM School Planting  Facebook page!

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