Revival Regions

Redding has around 17 regions in need of transformation and we have purposely encouraged our students who come to BSSM to move into these places to give out what God has given them.

Impacting Neighborhoods

Bethel Church has a vision and desire to see Redding transformed. It is a great blessing to Redding when our students come to BSSM every year because their presence in our city is having a noticeable impact. As students have moved into these neighborhoods, they have been successful at establishing community and reaching out to those that live around them by consistent, supernatural outreach, prayer walks and home gatherings where they invite their neighbors. Even the everyday way that students do life and honor people around them makes a difference.

Live In A Revival Region Neighborhood

House Churches

You’ll have the opportunity to be involved in a Bethel House Church that will reach your neighbors in these regions, led by Second and Third year students.

City Service

Once school starts, you can request to be involved in this neighborhood as part of your BSSM City Service requirement.