Medical Services

Medical care can be expensive, so we recommend you have health insurance coverage already in place before traveling. Please note that many hospitals and physicians may not provide patient care without evidence of a policy.

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You can dial “911” in most parts of California to get immediate help. In remote areas where the “911” service is not available, dial “0” to get a local operator, who will get you in touch with the emergency service required.


There are two main hospitals in the city of Redding that are staffed with physicians and nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have emergency rooms available at all times.

Minor Illnesses

You can purchase common medication, vitamins, pills, etc. at local pharmacies and 24-hour convenience stores. There are also local doctors offices available for checkups and prescriptions.

Health Care for International Students

It is highly recommended for students to purchase travel/healthcare insurance before they arrive in the United States as it will be cheaper and more comprehensive than purchasing insurance once you arrive.