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Bringing a Car into California

Here is brief a summary of California’s laws regarding vehicles and vehicle registration. You can also click below to read additional details.

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Vehicle Registration

All BSSM student vehicles must be registered in the State of California regardless of state of ownership/registration and/or residency status of the student. Registration costs depends upon vehicle.  

Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator

Interstate Registration

Vehicles not owned by a student (e.g. by parents) are still required to be registered. This registration is called an interstate registration.

Emissions Testing

Smog check is required for all vehicles registered in California. Smog tests are $50-60.

Drivers License

Foreign or out of state licenses are valid as long as you are non-resident.  If you take a job that requires driving, you must obtain a California Drivers license.

Automobile Insurance

You must have insurance coverage.

Canadians & Mexicans

If you are bringing a car from Canada or Mexico, please read the relevant section here.

Canada & Mexico


Redding Municipal (RDD)

Daily commercial airline passenger service is provided by United Express to and from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Redding Airport

Sacramento International (SMF)

The Sacramento International Airport is only two hours and 15 minutes from Redding — a very easy to drive to Redding. You simply drive on I-5 North and stay on it until you are in Redding.

Sacramento International

San Francisco International (SFO)

The San Francisco International Airport is 3.5 hours away by car. If you choose to fly there, you will need to secure separate transportation to get from San Francisco to Redding.

San Francisco International