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Applications for the 2020-2021 School Year Are Now Open

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Admissions Information


Tuition costs, discounts, tuition examples, financial policies, donations, and how to make payments towards student accounts.



Dates for application opening and closing, start of school, graduation, and other key dates for the school year.



Everything you need to know about applying to BSSM from outside the U.S.



1) What You'll Need

  • Digital passport style photo.
  • Personal references (to submit as part of your application).
  • $50 application fee.

2) Apply Now

To start an application, click here and create an account on our school system: MyBSSM. After creating an account, you can begin filling out the questionnaire, supply a digital photo of yourself and then have an opportunity to review and edit all of your questions before submitting your application. Our admissions counselors are excited to meet you and walk with you through this process!

3) References

After submitting the application, you will need to complete your references. This process is managed by MyBSSM and online forms are emailed to your references that you provide. This process can sometimes take some time so it is recommended to keep in touch with your references to see how they’re going!

4) Interview

After your references have been returned and you have paid your application fee, you can schedule an interview using our online system, MyBSSM.  At busy times of the year, we may not have interview slots available. If this happens, keep checking back daily for new interview time slots.  After your interview, we aim to have the application decision within two to four weeks.