Finding Housing in Redding

We’ve put together a guide for how to find a good housing situation. Asking great questions from the guide will really help. It was created to prepare you to navigate the rental process and inform you so you can make good decisions.

Redding Housing Guide

Helpful Advice

Plan Ahead

Most of the time our students find wonderful living situations. However, we have seen from past years that failing to plan ahead and research housing opportunities can put you in unsafe, unfair, and/or emotionally or spiritually unhealthy conditions.

Do Your Research

Research the area you are moving into and the people you are housing with. If possible, make a personal visit before making any binding agreements. This might entail video calls, arriving earlier before classes begin, or making a preliminary trip.

Be Aware

BSSM has no involvement with individual housing situations as we expect you to work them out with your landlords and roommates. We suggest you be as gentle as doves but wise as serpents. If something does not feel or look right, that place may not be the best fit for you.

Ask Questions

Be aware that we do not screen postings on housing, including those on the BSSM Facebook Page and on MyBSSM. It is likely that there are some “not great” situations posted there. You need to be a wise consumer as you shop for a place to live. Local landlords occasionally say they attend Bethel – when they don’t – to attract renters; and a very small portion of them along with BSSM students, former students or church members, have occasionally taken advantage of students (purposely or not) and have surprised us with their behavior. So please take care to ask good questions, communicate well, and of course talk to God before you sign anything.

Concerning Co-Ed Housing

While we don’t have tons of rules, years of leading schools and working with people have revealed practices we consider wise, holy, and healthy. With this, we strongly encourage you to avoid co-ed housing. We understand that this is normal for some cultures, and necessary in some mission environments, but generally, we prefer that you avoid co-ed housing. We ask you to respect our values in this area during your stay in Redding. The exception to this would be when there is a mature couple that has intentionally formed a community of single men or women and the couple lives in the home with this community of students.