Schools & Childcare

Redding is a great place for growing families and there are many choices for schooling and childcare.  As BSSM does not provide childcare we have listed some options below to help in the transition to Redding.

Bethel Christian School (BCS)

Bethel Christian School (pre-school to 8th grade) aims to partner with parents to develop the whole student; mind, body and spirit through academic training interwoven with Biblical teaching, ministry and worship. Students will be challenged by high academic standards as they learn who they are in Christ based on what God’s Word says about them. They are equipped to fulfill their destiny by experiencing God’s presence, learning of His character, and sharing His love.

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Public Schools

Public education is free and the Redding area has several elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools. To register, children must have valid I.D. (such as a passport or birth certificate) and proof of immunization. Your child will attend the public school nearest their home.

List of Schools

Private Schools

Private schools charge for tuition. There are at least two Christian high schools in Redding:

After School Care

  • Many of the local public schools have after school care until 6:00pm. Contact the school your child is enrolled in for more details.
  • YMCA


This Bethel ministry aims to bring children into encounters with God and teach them to develop healthy lifestyles and relationships. We invest a considerable amount of time in worship, testimonies, and in learning to intentionally partner with what the Lord is doing in your children.