Frequently Asked Questions




What does homework look like in First and Second Year?

Students attending BSSM should consider themselves full-time students carrying a full-load of coursework. You will have Bible homework, homework from your AMT’s (Advance Ministry Training), Bible reading and book reading and reports. There is around 20 hours a week of school and expect to spend at least 2 hours a night on homework.


What is an AMT?

AMT (Advanced Ministry Training) classes are available throughout the year. They provide a deeper understanding in areas such as children’s ministry, preaching, intercession, prophetic, business and career ministry, worship and more.


What is Retreat all about?

Retreat is a time you spend with your Revival Group off campus. You will spend two nights and three days experiencing the greatness of God’s word and worship. It is a time to build relationship with The Father and your fellow classmates.  This is required for all students.


What is Ropes Course?

A Ropes Course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements. It is also an opportunity to have a lot of fun. Low elements take place on the ground. High elements are usually constructed in trees or made of utility poles and require a belay for safety.  Students go to the Ropes Course with their Revival Group. Lunch is provided and there is always a dinner at the end of the day, where as a group you will have time to process and give testimonies.


What are the differences between First, Second and Third Year?

  • First Year is about the development of identity. 
  • Second Year is about the development of Kingdom understanding in Leadership.
  • Third Year is about putting into action your leadership skills and giftings.


Do you have to finish all 3 years?

No, you will graduate at the end of each school year so you are able to attend one, two or three years.


What is the minimum and maximum age for BSSM?

Our minimum age for BSSM is 18 years old. Exceptions are made periodically. There is no maximum age!


Do you have a program that starts in the spring?

No, all students start in the fall and we do not allow for spring starts. However, our BSSM Online program is rolling enrollment and starts in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Find out more at 


If I get accepted but then decide not to come, can my application be forwarded to next year?

Your application is non transferable to a different school year.  You must reapply.


When is the application deadline?

Please see dates on the calendar of our website:  Admissions Calendar


Do we give out the book list ahead of time?

No, the book list changes yearly and, therefore, is not provided prior to the start of the school year. 


When is the graduation date?

You can find the graduation dates for this school year on this page of our website Admissions Calendar.


Where can I find a calendar for this school year?

You can find all the important school dates for this school year on this page of our website Admissions Calendar.


What is the difference between BSSM, iHOP, and YWAM?

We cannot answer for the others, but BSSM is designed to be a ministry training center where our students embrace their royal identity, learn the values of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King. It is a transformational experience and your life will be forever impacted!


What do I need to do about health insurance?

We do not provide health care. International students need to find out if their travel insurance covers health care while living in California and domestic students need to find out if their health insurance covers them while living in California. This will be the student’s responsibility.


Can I visit school?

Yes, you can! Visiting is Monday – Thursday from 12:00-3:45 pm. You may attend up to 4 days per school year. Keep in mind that some days are closed to visitors so we recommend that you go to this link for dates that allow for visitors: School Dates or email us at before visiting to confirm we will be open. There is no charge to visit unless a guest speaker is scheduled ($10 for the day).

First Year is held at the Civic Auditorium at 700 Auditorium Dr., Redding, CA  96001

Second Year is held at Bethel Church at 933 College View Dr., Redding CA 96003.  Please note that visiting Second Year is extremely limited. 

No pre-registration required or available.  Daily visitor registration is open at 11:30am for First Year and 12pm for Second Year.


Are children allowed to visit First or Second Year?

No, children 12 years or younger are not allowed in school sessions.




Is there a Mission Trip and is it mandatory?

A part of the BSSM experience is being able to go on a mission trip.  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as you serve and are activated in the things you have learned.  The cost of your mission trip is not included in your tuition. Missions usually happens around March or April. You will be able to sign up for a trip (Somewhere between 80 to 100 trips), both locally (within the USA) and globally.  All students are required to go on a mission trip.




Are there BSSM type schools in my area?

There are hundreds of independent schools of ministry who chose to utilize our BSSM School Planting resources and curriculum around the world. Please visit or email for more information.



Do you provide financial aid?

We do not offer financial aid or scholarships.  BSSM is not an accredited university. 


What ways can I pay the deposit?

You can pay your deposit for school online on your student portal (MyBSSM) or you can pay by check or cash.  Mail all checks (ensure you have your student identification number and name on the memo of the check), to or drop cash at:

Bethel Church
933 College View Drive
Redding, CA 96003

Please note that if you pay by check or cash, it may take a few days before it reflects on your tuition balance.


How do I raise money for tuition and living expenses?

Many students raise support through their local church, family (extended family and friends), social media such as “Go Fund Me.”  Invite people to partner with you to extend the Kingdom of God. Additionally, give people the opportunity to invest into your life.  You will be given a link you can use that will give people direct access to provide support. BSSM is not tax deductible. You can find the Go Fund Me site and more on Google. 


If I get accepted, but then decide not to come, can my application fee and deposit be forwarded to next year?

Application fees and deposits are NOT refundable nor are they transferable.  If you have any questions you can contact the finance department by selecting the ‘Contact Us’ at the top of your myBSSM profile.


What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers all classes and books, Retreat (except for gas), Ropes Course (except for gas). Tuition does NOT cover housing, food or missions trips.




Do you require transcripts?



Do you require TOEFL or any other English Proficiency testing?

No, but you will need to pass a verbal interview and be able to fluently read, write and comprehend in English.




Can international students work in the USA?

Students on M-1 Visas are not able to work in the USA. 


When is the application deadline for internationals?

Here are the School Dates.


What do I need to do about health insurance?

We do not provide health insurance. International students need to find out if their travel insurance covers health care while living in California. This will be the student’s responsibility.  




Is there a discount for family?

Yes, you will need to email the finance department to request the discount.  Click on the Contact Us button at the top of your mybssm page, select finances and send them an email.  Please see the financial packet for more details at Finance Registration Policies


Do you provide daycare?

No, BSSM does not provide daycare.  However, there are local resources such as Daycare centers and private providers in the area.  There are Children’s ministries during church services on Sunday.


Do you have a preschool or elementary school associated with Bethel?

Bethel Christian School (BCS) is affiliated with Bethel Church. Browse the BCS website for more information.


Do you allow children into First year?

Children 12 years or younger are not allowed to attend or visit school sessions.




What email do applicants use to get a hold of a particular department?

Use the “Contact Us” link in the menu of your student portal (MyBSSM) Choose the department dropdown that you need and write your message.




What are the resources for finding housing?

We do not provide or manage housing for students. It is our hope that our students enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods Redding has to offer, and become part of our local community. You can refer to the housing guide found on our website for more information, including the dorms at Simpson which are a great option:  Housing Information.




Do you offer Transferable Credits? 

All this can be found on our website Transferable Credits Information. Here you are given information about accreditation, schools that we partner with and any transferable credit.