School Structure

AMT Classes

As a full time student, Advanced Ministry Training (AMT) classes are available throughout the year that provide a deeper understanding in areas such as intimacy with God, preaching, intercession, business and career ministry, life coaching and more. You will learn more about AMTs once school starts.

Class Size

Students learn in large group sessions of 650 (Second Year) to 1,300 (First Year) students, classes of 20-200 people, Revival Groups of 60–70 people, small groups of 5 (First Year), and on their own.


Reading is a large part of our curriculum so plan on reading 30–60 minutes a day. There are approximately 2400 pages of mandatory reading which include the Bible and instructional books.


BSSM is focused on personal transformation. While there are no grades given, participation, excellence, and timely completion of homework is expected of each student.

Honor System

Assignments are done on the “honor system” which is designed to do just that—build your honor. As such, students will learn to build their integrity one “yes,” one report, one check box at a time.


  • Bible Exegesis, Interpretation and Application
  • Prophetic Ministry in the Life of the Church
  • Spiritual Formation
  • The Supernatural Nature of the Gospel
  • Foundational Theology and Church History
  • Outreach / Evangelism Practicum
  • Kingdom Theology and Identity
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Students attending BSSM should consider themselves full-time students carrying a full load of coursework. Transcripts are not required. Please do not submit transcripts. BSSM coursework is independent of prior academic history.


Approximately one hour of work outside of class is counted for each hour of class. Therefore 20 hours of class Monday through Thursday should require 20 hours of “homework” for a total of 40 hours a week, plus church meetings.

Grading Criteria

BSSM is entirely pass/no pass. Either you graduate with transferable units for all the classes or for none. Each course syllabus indicates the requirements for successful completion.