Transferable Credit

Get a head start on your college degree and save thousands of dollars! Students attending BSSM should consider themselves full-time students carrying a full load of coursework. Below are the guidelines for a student to receive academic credit:


Approximately one hour of work outside of class is counted for each hour of class. Therefore 20 hours of class Monday through Thursday should require 20 hours of “homework” for a total of 40 hours a week, plus church meetings. 

Practicum Courses

For the purposes of transferable units, practicum courses (such as City Service) count as one hour of class work for every two hours of practicum if this is acceptable to the institution receiving the units.

Grading Criteria

BSSM is entirely pass/no pass. Either you graduate with transferable units for all the classes or for none. Each course syllabus indicates the requirements for successful completion. 

Letters of Completion

Students who miss 16 or fewer days, satisfactorily do all their assignments, and have not entered into a Learning Agreement will be given official letters of successful completion for possible transfer to other institutions.

Partner Schools

The following universities and colleges have accepted BSSM curriculum and allow for credit transfers of 9-16 hours for students who successfully graduate from BSSM First Year or Second Year.


A school of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Simpson University is a Christ-centered learning community with an enduring commitment to world service and faith-infused education in professional studies and liberal arts. Simpson has agreed to give 13 units of transfer credit to students who successfully graduate First Year and are accepted into their program. They have also agreed to give 12 units of transfer credit to students who graduate Second Year. Simpson also often extends financial grants to our graduates.

For more information, see this agreement.

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International Seminary of Theology and Leadership (ISTL) is an innovative training center for theology in leadership. The combination of sound theological studies and the spirit of revival at ISTL is unique. The school has campuses in Germany and Switzerland, and offers up to 25 ECTS transfer credits to those accepted into their program. Their four different Bachelor of Arts programs are fully accredited with the European Council for Theological Education (ECTS). ISTL enables people for full-time ministry in church planting, missions, evangelism, and pastoral ministry.

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