A program to help BSSM Alumni
translate revival culture to your place of influence


What is Still Burning?

BSSM students experience incredible personal revival throughout school, but transitioning out of our environment can sometimes feel like culture shock.

Still Burning is a 6-month online program designed to help BSSM Alumni build a bridge from school to your next season. We’ll encourage you to sustain your intimacy with the Lord, and empower you to bring revival in the sphere of influence you are called to.

what you’ll get:

Connection: Transitioning from the school environment to your next season is often the most difficult challenge for exiting alumni.  

Still Burning is designed to create a place of connection with your BSSM community; a place to be seen, known and championed in your area of influence, while also encouraging you to pursue connection with God, your local church, fellow alumni and Bethel Church.

Spiritual Disciplines: Establish healthy spiritual disciplines outside of BSSM and in everyday life.

Activation: Be championed to take what you’ve learned from weekly activations and implement it into your daily life.

Accountability: You will be placed in an online Fire Group for weekly online meetings that will provide a safe place to process and be accountable to each other.


How does it work?

Every week for 6 months, we will send you short videos on various topics that were covered in school. These videos are filmed especially for you as a BSSM graduate by Bethel pastors and leaders, including Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Dann Farrelly, Leslie Crandall, and more. Although the program will run for 6 months, you will have access to the videos for 10 months beginning with the day you sign-up.

You will also be placed in an online group called a Fire Group consisting of 12-15 BSSM alumni from around the world based on your points of interest and most appropriate time-zone. These groups will also meet weekly with an aim to create a safe space to share experiences and work through challenges given by the speaker of the week.


You will get access to a 6-month weekly interactive online program with an online alumni group, exclusive videos filmed specifically for this program by teachers and leaders you love, worksheets to help you go deeper into the topic of the week as well as additional training videos based on the topic of the week. You will also have access to all the alumni content on Mighty Networks for 9 months.